Counselling and support during your studies

As a student, you are responsible for yourself and your studies. You have to set your own goals and determine ways to achieve them. Studying poses particular challenges that often require you to develop new skills and behaviours compared to school or training (e.g. developing learning strategies, building up social networks, looking for your own flat, etc.). But don't worry, you don't have to go it alone. We offer counselling and support services for every phase of your studies.

Study start

To ensure that the transition from school or training to university life goes as smoothly as possible, we offer you a wide range of programmes for the start of your studies.

Pre-courses & O-week

Our website on starting your degree programme gives you an overview of how the first week of your degree programme works and how you can best prepare for the start of your studies.

Peer ment­or­ing

From the first day of your degree programme, you will receive regular support and guidance in small groups from experienced students. You can discuss questions about studying and student life with the mentors. Your first circle of friends can develop in the small group.

Ex­er­cises & Coach­ing

Almost all of our basic lectures are accompanied by tutorials. In tutorials, lecture content is deepened in small groups and practical relevance is demonstrated. In coaching sessions, experienced students offer you 'help for self-help' and help you with time management and learning.

Financing, housing and campus life

Our campus is the ideal place to start your academic journey. Because our commitment does not end with the choice of the right degree programme. We provide support in all fields of study. In addition to providing information about accommodation near the campus and various funding options, we help you find the right path. In this way, our campus creates the best conditions for a successful degree programme and an enriching student life.

The quick overview

The central student counselling service offers a good overview of housing and financing options. They will also give you a brief overview of the campus: buildings, catering, culture, sport, leisure, media, technology and much more.

Central Student Counselli

Social counselling by the Studierendenwerk

Are you looking for a contact point for information on social issues relating to everyday student life? Are you looking for funding options for your studies because you are not receiving any or enough BAföG? Would you like to find out about part-time job opportunities or are you in a special life situation? The Student Union can help you!

Student Union

Social counselling by the AStA

The AStA Social Office is your personal advice centre for any problems you may have: legal matters, financial problems or help with completing your BAföG application.

Social Office AStA

Study organisation & specialisation

Study of­fice

The Student Office will advise you on organisational issues, explain the study processes and procedures and help you plan your course of study.

Aca­dem­ic ad­visors

We provide advice on all subject-related questions and help with credit transfers. Search for the degree programme in the course offerings and then go to Contact. Here you will find the relevant contact options under "The right point of contact for every enquiry" under "Subject-related questions"/ "Credit transfer".

Plan­ning the pro­fil­ing phase

To help you plan your studies, we have put together an overview of various aspects that you should consider when planning your degree programme. We also organise a workshop once a year on planning your course of study.


Our university sees itself as a place where every student is catered for. We place particular emphasis on individualised learning and offer a wide range of learning spaces and resources. Because different types of learners need different approaches. Here, everyone can discover and develop their own way of learning, be it in specialised learning centres, in our library, in the Centre for Language Teaching or in many other places and support options.

Learn­ing tips, learn­ing plat­forms & work­sta­tions

On this page you will find a good overview of how the UPB supports you in your learning and gives you "help for self-help".

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Sup­port at the start of your stud­ies

Almost all of our basic lectures are accompanied by tutorials. In tutorials, lecture content is deepened in small groups and practical relevance is demonstrated. In coaching sessions, experienced students offer you 'help for self-help' and help you with time management and learning.

Coaching & Tutoring

Study internationally

Every year, over 200 Paderborn students spend part of their degree programme at one of our partner universities. Our degree programmes also have an international and intercultural focus. The Faculty's Internationalisation Office will be happy to advise you on our cooperation network and the possibilities as well as on credit transfer. If you have any questions about the application process, deadlines and formalities, please contact the International Office. You can also take advantage of our opportunities here in Paderborn to gain intercultural experience, quasi Internationalisation@Home.

Stress during studies & study doubts

Stress comes in many guises: exams, illnesses, problems with fellow students, family or friends. Especially during your studies, many things can put a strain on your mind and body and prevent you from having a carefree study programme. But nobody has to deal with this stress alone! We have listed some of the services offered by Paderborn University that can provide you with help and support in difficult situations.

Study office

The Student Office will be happy to advise you if you are considering dropping out or changing your degree programme and will help you to gain new perspectives on your problems.

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Central Student Counselling Service

The ZSB offers support in reflecting on the difficulties, determining the current situation and reorientation.

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Psychosocial counselling

Psychosocial counselling will help you with study-related and personal problems.


my beneFIT

Health is only for the sick. Sure: if I'm well, I don't need a doctor. But more and more students are complaining about health problems during their studies. Paderborn University has a remedy for this: the project mein

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Help in an emergency

The ZSB has listed an overview of contact points for all acute (life-threatening) illnesses and accidents.

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Diversity & equality

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics regards the diversity of its members as a special potential. Our students and employees are characterised by diversity in age, gender, gender identity, social background, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, physical and mental abilities, ethnic origin and nationality. We want to promote and utilise this diversity of personalities. Equal opportunities, appreciation and respect for all faculty members are among the core points of our shared value orientation and form the basis for the organisation of study and working conditions at our faculty.

Equal­ity & Di­versity at our fac­ulty

Our Equal Opportunities Officer represents the interests of female students. The Equal Opportunities Officer's tasks include ensuring equal rights for women and men in all status groups and providing advice and support in cases of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Ser­vice centre for study­ing with dis­ab­il­it­ies

Students with disabilities or chronic illnesses receive counselling and support here in order to obtain equal opportunities in their studies, for example by applying for compensation for disadvantages or the needs-based implementation of stays abroad and internships.

fam­ily-friendly uni­ver­sity

Do you have questions and concerns about balancing your studies with caring for relatives or looking after children? The Family Service Office is the right place to go.

Practical experience & career entry

We actively encourage and accompany you in gaining valuable practical experience during your studies and support you on your way into the professional world. There are a variety of options, such as finding internships, exploring opportunities for part-time jobs during your studies, workshops, excursions and practical projects in the Career Service, preparing for a possible business start-up or planning the path to a doctorate.