Overview of the different study phases

The degree programme is divided into many different stages and there is a lot to consider. From application and enrolment to planning your degree programme, starting your studies and completing your final thesis. On this page you will find a structured overview with all the relevant information about the phases of your degree programme.

The start of your studies

Are you planning to start your degree programme at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics soon? Here you will find information on application, enrolment and starting your degree programme.

Ap­plic­a­tion and en­rol­ment

Are you planning to apply to Paderborn University? Here you will find the most important information about the application process.

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Bach­el­or pro­gramme start

Are you about to start your Bachelor's degree programme at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics? Here you will find all the important information about the O-Phase, the preliminary courses and other support services offered by the Faculty.

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Mas­ter pro­gramme start

You will also find helpful information on the O phase, the design of your degree programme and internationalisation options for starting your Master's degree at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics on this page.

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During your studies

Re­gis­tra­tion and de­re­gis­tra­tion of mod­ules

During your degree programme, you will take modules consisting of one or more courses. In addition to courses such as lectures, tutorials or seminars, a module also contains an examination. You can find out how to register for and deregister from modules and what modules actually are on this page.

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Sup­port ser­vices

There are always special challenges during the course of your studies. To help you overcome these, the university offers numerous support services, which you can find on the following page.

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At the end of the degree programme

Final theses

All degree programmes at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics include a final thesis. The aim of the thesis is to prove that a problem in a subject area can be worked on independently and according to scientific methods within a given time limit. You can find more detailed information on final theses in economics on the following page.

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Change of degree programme and doubts about studying

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Transition from the Bachelor's to the Master's programme in economics

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Transition from Bachelor's to Master's programme for internal students

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Admission requirements for the Master's programme

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Enrolment in the Master's programme subject to conditions

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Re-registration, leave of absence, de-registration and graduation

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