18.06.2024 - 18.06.2024

TRR 266/TAF Re­search Sem­in­ar: Yijun Li

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25.06.2024 - 25.06.2024

TAF Brown Bag Sem­in­ar: Vanessa Heine­mann-Heile

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02.07.2024 - 02.07.2024

TRR 266/TAF Re­search Sem­in­ar: Stefano Cas­cino

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02.07.2024 - 02.07.2024

TRR 266/TAF Re­search Work­shop & PRIME Sem­in­ar: Prof. Sergeja Slapni­car

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16.07.2024 - 16.07.2024

TAF Brown Bag Sem­in­ar: Lisa Lüt­tke

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Cel­eb­rat­ing the best mas­ter stu­dents

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UGO prize for out­stand­ing Mas­ter's thes­is awar­ded to Ali­ana Görtz

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Cel­eb­rat­ing the best bach­el­or stu­dents

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Par­ti­cip­a­tion in TRR266 For­um in Frank­furt: Den­nis Groß­mann

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Ex­cit­ing news for the ac­count­ing and fin­ance com­munity!

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Present­a­tion at the EAA 46th An­nu­al Con­fer­ence: Pia Stoczek

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TAF Re­search Sem­in­ar: Aless­andro Scopel­litti

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Guest lec­ture in MAD mod­ule: PreZero ac­quires Budde

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Yolan­da Schmidt: Re­cog­ni­tion for out­stand­ing mas­ter thes­is

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Our research focuses on economic consequences of (accounting) regulation, corporate debt markets, accounting in private companies, standard setting process and non-financial disclosure and its regulation.

TRR 266 Accounting to Transparency

We are part of the supra-regional Collaborative Research Centre, which has more than 100 dedicated researchers investigating how accounting and taxation influence corporate transparency and how regulations and corporate transparency affect the economy and society.

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Our research results are published in numerous publications.

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TAF Research Seminar

National and international guests present their current research projects.

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TAF Brown Bag Seminar

Researchers from the Department of Taxation, Accounting and Finance discuss research ideas in an informal atmosphere.

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Data in teaching and research

A variety of data sources are made available to students and staff at Paderborn University. These databases are used both in teaching and research.

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Centre for Tax and Accounting Research

The Center for Tax and Accounting Research (CETAR) is a centre of excellence that researches valuable insights into the impact of tax, accounting and related regulatory systems on business decisions.

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Paderborn Research Center for Sustainable Economy

The Faculty of Business and Economics is expanding its faculty-wide sustainability activities with the Paderborn Research Center for Sustainable Economy (PARSEC).

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Gespräche zwischen Mitarbeitenden.


The modules offered meet the increased importance of international accounting regulations in companies. The modules are adapted to the study progress and build on one another. In cooperation with representatives of the business community, modules in Accounting and Auditing are offered in the bachelor's and master’s degree. In addition, external partners give guest lectures in various other modules. In-depth courses in seminar form are designed to encourage students to work independently on scientific issues. By offering courses in English, we prepare students for challenges in their professional life. Moreover, we offer various opportunities to exchange students that decide to study at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.





Module name Semester ECTS Language Contact person
W4268 - Seminar in Accounting Research WS 5 ENG Prof. Dr. Urska Kosi
W5261 - IFRS Group Accounting SS 10 ENG Prof. Dr. Urska Kosi
W5203 - Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestures WS 10 ENG Prof. Dr. Sönke Sievers



Module name Semester ECTS Language Contact person
W6294 - Taxation, Accounting and Finance WS 5 ENG Prof. Dr. Urska Kosi

If you would like to write your thesis with us, you should have very good knowledge of external accounting and an interest in empirical research in accounting.

Theses are assigned via a central, web-based registration procedure of the Faculty of Business and Economics. If you would like to write a thesis with Prof. Kosi and her team in the form of a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, you can find the relevant requirements as well as registration deadlines and registration forms here.

A letter of motivation is not required for your application.


A guideline for writing a thesis can be found here.



Further information can be found here.

A selection of past topics can be found here.



Further information can be found here.

A selection of past topics can be found here.

Ex­tern­al lec­tur­ers

Hendrik Koch, tax consultant and auditor, KPMG, Bielefeld

Former team mem­bers

  • Sabina Mazyar
  • Fabian Neumann
  • Mara Kerstein
  • Lara Quick
  • Nicolas Plante
  • Karen Elizabeth Olmedo Aragon
  • Louisa Frischmuth
  • Morteza Kashani
  • Bernard Naiborhu
  • Ina Jung
  • Lisa Diederich
  • Verena Graute
  • Stefan Sonntag
  • Luis Franke
  • Goldston Carlson Nya Wandja
  • Justus Ferdinand Balzer
  • Felix Prüßner
  • Jarno Bergmeier
  • Stefanie Hoischen
  • Theresa Ahlers
  • Fabian Peitz
  • Jan Pöttner
  • Jeannine Weiß
  • Delia Lohn
  • Christopher Herrmann
  • Aliana Görz
  • Anna-Lena Happe
  • Daniel Pohlmeyer
  • Zheng Wu
  • Gabriel Beres
  • Franziska von Hagen
  • Eva-Maria Hebbelmann


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Annette Steffens

Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insb. Externes Rechnungswesen und Wirtschaftsprüfung

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