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Welcome to the Chair for Organizational Behavior!

Current information to our courses, lectures and theses for the summer term 2023

Dear students,

For the summer term 2023 our courses will be held as in-person classes whenever not indicated otherwise. Please find more information on specific courses, seminars and lectures here.

You can write your Bachelor or Master theses with us. Please check out the specifics of the process and the topics that are available this semester here.

If you have any further questions or want to make an appointment to talk to us during office hours, please use the following E-Mail address to contact us.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Our courses in the summer term 2023


M.184.3152 "Organizational Behavior" (infovideo)

M.184.2157 "Seminar Organizational Behavior" (further information and schedule here)


M.184.4140 "Employment Systems" (further information and schedule here)

M.184.5121 "Introduction to the theory of enterprise"

M.184.4157 "Seminar Organizational Behavior" (further information and schedule here


The Chair for Organizational Behavior operates in the space where humans and organizations meet. We explore how organizations can build, shape and design relationships to and with their employees – current and prospective – and what effects organizational structures and processes have on the behavior of the respective employees.

We appreciate your interest and are happy to give you a deeper insight in our courses as well as our research activities.

We work together, we grow together!

The University for the Information Society