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Welcome to the Chair for Organizational Behavior!

Current information on our courses and final theses in the summer semester 2022

Dear students, we offer courses in the coming semester mainly in presence as far as the regulations permit us to do so. You can find information about the exact procedures on our course page. Bachelor- and master theses will also be offered and supervised in the future.

Please contact us directly by e-mail if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.

Yours faithfully,

Your team for Organizational Behavior


The chair for Organizational Behavior operates in the area of conflict between people and organizations. We investigate how companies build and shape relationships with their employees and what effects organizational structures and processes have on the behavior of employees.

We are happy about your interest and would be pleased to inform you about our course offer and current research activities on our website and other platforms.

We work together, and we grow together!

You have done your degree with us? Stay in touch through our alumni network on LinkedIn and connect directly with us here!

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