About CeRiMa

(Financial) risks and their management are key issues for business and science. Paderborn University, in cooperation with companies in Ostwestfalen-Lippe, is actively promoting the current need for research in this area by establishing an independent teaching and research focus on "Risk Management".

The Center for Risk Management (CeRiMa) is a research centre within the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics with the aim of conducting practical risk management research. CeRiMa was founded in 2010 by Prof Dr Bettina Schiller and has been headed by Prof Dr André Uhde, Professor of Banking and Finance, since 1 April 2020. Since the winter semester 2011/12, CeRiMa has been involved in the faculty's range of courses with its own modules.

The research centre conducts empirical studies on risk management. In news research projects, the staff at the research centre are focusing in particular on methods for estimating key risk indicators as well as methods for measuring and quantifying dependency structures between different risk factors. The development of new methods to improve the measurement, quantification and evaluation of (financial) risks is also at the centre of research.

CeRiMa carries out contract research in the field of risk management for interested companies and supervises university theses on current risk management topics, which are carried out in co-operation with a practice partner. As part of its specialist lectures and workshops, the research centre offers companies an overview of scientific innovations in the field of risk management. Finally, close co-operation with practice is ensured through co-operation modules in university teaching, the awarding of teaching assignments and subject-specific practical lectures.

Re­search areas

  • Methods for measuring and quantifying credit risks
  • Analysis of scoring models for credit risk quantification
  • Influence of dependency structures on the risks of credit portfolios
  • Quantification of risks for risk management
  • Risk quantification using the value at risk and the expected shortfall
  • Analysing estimation methods for risk measurement over various time horizons
  • Consideration of state-of-the-art methods for quantifying dependency structures when measuring the risk of loss
  • Validation and backtesting of various estimation methods
  • Dependency structures in the context of quantifying and assessing risks
  • Consideration of current procedures and methods for quantifying dependency structures
  • Further development of corresponding methods
  • Application of these methods in the pricing of risks and financial instruments
  • Analysing factors that influence risk management decisions in practice
  • Analysing the differences between optimal recommendations for action in theory and practical implementation
  • Necessary adjustments to theoretical models in order to derive "practicable" recommendations
  • Derive recommendations for action to improve risk management in practice

Ser­vices for the prac­tice

  • Research projects to solve (practical) problems with scientific relevance (contract research)
  • Empirical analysis of issues relevant to risk management
  • Scientifically sound analysis of practical issues in risk management
  • Conception of risk handling measures
  • Assessment of risks
  • Aggregation of individual risks
  • Supervision of scientific theses with company cooperation
  • Realisation of doctoral projects with company cooperation
  • Access to the latest specialist findings from business management research through specialist lectures, workshops and advice on various topics
  • Quantitative methods for measuring and assessing risks
  • Risk measurement with VaR and expected shortfall
  • Estimating risks with Monte Carlo simulations
  • Empirical analysis of issues relevant to risk management
  • Benefit-consistent risk management
  • Results of empirical studies in risk management
  • Access to the university network (students, doctoral candidates, researchers, alumni) through practical lectures and cooperation modules
  • Close exchange between practice and science
  • Valuable contacts for recruiting talent

Man­age­ment of the in­sti­tute

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Prof. Dr. André Uhde

Center for Risk Management (CeRiMa)


Center for Risk Management (CeRiMa)

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