Economics: The Study of Microeconomic Decisions and Superordinate Markets

Economics is a part of the economic sciences. An economy includes private households, companies and stately institutions. Economics not only analyses the economic decisions of individuals, but also the decisions of individual national economies and their effects on the economy as a whole, including mergers of different national economies, such as the European Union (EU). Against this background, we deal with topics such as international monetary economics, financial markets, economic and growth theories and the concept of sustainability.


We offer scientifically orientated teaching that not only teaches the basics of economics through economic theories, but also looks at specific topics such as (international) trade and European integration in detail.


Bachelor Modules

Module name Semester ECTS Language Contact
M.184.1411 Grundzüge der Volkswirtschaftslehre SS 10 GER  
K.184.14111 Mikrotheorie      

Prof. Dr. Jungblut

Prof. Dr. Hehenkamp

K.184.14113 Makrotheorie Nebenfächler (Winfo, Wing, Lehramt und alle anderen Studiengänge)       Prof. Dr. Jungblut
M.184.2436 International Economics: International Finance SS 5 ENG

Prof. Dr. Jungblut

M.184.2414 Economics of European Integration WS 5 ENG Prof. Dr. Jungblut

Master Modules

Module name Semester ECTS Language Contact
M.184.4414 Ausgewählte Themenbereiche der VWL WS 10 GER Prof. Dr. Jungblut


We take part in the centralised allocation procedure for final theses. The procedure distributes the students who wish to write a thesis fairly among the professorships. All information on the centralised allocation procedure.

For an application for a thesis every student should be interested in the topics and research areas of our chair and ideally be able to document this in their previous course of study.

The topics for theses are not fixed by Prof. Dr. Jungblut. It is possible to choose a self-motivated topic or to choose from a suggested topic area. It is possible to narrow down the topic before the application. The final determination of the topic takes place in individual consultation after the confirmation of supervision.


Current research topics of the teaching and research unit are:

Workstations in the library of Paderborn University.

Mon­et­ary Eco­nom­ics and In­ter­na­tion­al Fin­ance

International monetary system, international debt and international investment positions, European Monetary Union, as well as Lender of Last Resort function of the central bank, monetary stabilization at times of crises, coordination of expectations and beliefs

Fin­an­cial Mar­kets and the Mac­roe­conomy

Incompleteness and imperfections in financial intermediation, non-convexities; multiple stationary states and indeterminate dynamic equilibria, coordination failures of private agents; financial crises and debt deflation

Students in lecture hall G at Paderborn University.

Growth and Busi­ness Cycle The­ory

Convergence and catching-up, real and financial stability of dynamic adjustment processes, business cycle shocks and transmission mechanisms, as well as human capital accumulation, technological progress, and dynamics of structural unemployment

Trees in summer on the campus of Paderborn University.

European In­teg­ra­tion and Sus­tain­ab­il­ity

Economics of European integration as well as sustainability in the European Union


Employees of the teaching and research unit


Stefan Jungblut

Head -

Office: Q4.337
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Office hours:

Mo. 15:00-16:00/by appointmentMo. 15:00-16:00/by appointment


Ingrid Kelsey

Secretary -

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Office hours:

Di 13 - 16, Mi & Do 9 - 12

Re­search As­so­ci­ates

Lisa Krömer

Office: Q4.334
Phone: +49 5251 60-4507

Office hours:

Thursday 1 PM - 3 PM (after previous registration by email)

Julia Winkelmann

Office: Q0.319
Phone: +49 5251 60-1696

Stu­dent As­sist­ants

Sarah Kepper

Office: Q0.319

Thao Le Nguyen

Office: Q0.419


Prof. Dr. Stefan Jungblut holds the following positions at Paderborn University:

Head of the Teaching and Research Unit Economics

Representative for International Affairs of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics and thus head of the Internationalisierungszentrums

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