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Analyzing Interaction Networks in Online Groups Show image information
Exploring and Supporting Organizational Team Work with Social VR Show image information
Studying Employee and Consumer Behaviours on Social Media Platforms Show image information

Analyzing Interaction Networks in Online Groups

Exploring and Supporting Organizational Team Work with Social VR

Studying Employee and Consumer Behaviours on Social Media Platforms

Welcome to the Chair of Business Information Systems & Social Computing 

In our research and teaching program, we study innovate technologies and digital social actions among users in the context of social media and digital cooperation. We focus on business-relevant contexts such as digital customer behaviour, employee networking, knowledge transfer among experts or new forms of digital interaction such as AR or VR in organizations.

Best Regards, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Trier


Prof. Trier studies phenomena of digital communication as well as social influence effects in online social media. Examples for main research interests include implementation approaches of enterprise social media, understanding online participation, framing of digital discourses (e.g. from a management perspective), linking experts via online media, dissemination processes and bottom-up community emergence in knowledge transfer contexts.  Prof. Trier's research uses a mixed-method approach that combines qualitative, quantitative and network-analytical research methods. A special methodological focus is on the development of an event-driven method for dynamic network analysis (Software This approach enables a better understanding of new structures and dynamic processes of networking among actors.


Unsere Themenschwerpunkte sind:

ENTERPRISE SOCIAL MEDIA (ESM) Konzeption und Einführung von Enterprise Social Media und innovativen Social Computing Anwendungen im Unternehmen
Nutzer-/Konsumentenverhalten und digitale Sozialität in Social Business und innovativen digitalen Geschäftsmodellen
Metriken, Visualisierung und Analyse dynamischer kollektiver Prozesse zur Managementunterstützung im SMM und ESM Kontext (SMA Dashboards, Managementansätze) (LAB-basiert)
Innovative Social Computing Anwendungen und ihre Auswirkungen (LAB-basiert)
STRATEGIC INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (SIM) Strategisches Informationsmanagement im Innovations-, Kollaborations- und Knowledge Management Kontext (Information Practices).

The University for the Information Society