Doctorate at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

Are you interested in doing a doctorate at Paderborn University? We are delighted that you would like to continue on the academic path! We are one of the few faculties in Germany to offer a highly structured doctoral programme. You will have the opportunity to deepen your specialist knowledge to the extent of 30 ECTS credits in order to be able to carry out ideal research work afterwards. Supporting researchers in the early stages of their academic career is extremely important to us. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Reasons to do a doctorate with us

Breites Forschungsspektrum

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Strukturiertes Promotionsstudium

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Exzellente Forschungszentren

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Unterstützende Förderprogramme

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Zentrale Graduiertenakademie: Jenny Aloni Centre

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Start of the pro­mo­tion


Find a topic for your doctorate

The topic of your doctorate should be in a field of research that is exciting for you and inspires you. The dissertation topic will be developed in close dialogue with your supervisor. You are also welcome to consult with other academics to ensure that the topic is suitable for a doctoral dissertation. Female students can also use peer mentoring insights to find out whether a doctorate is the right career path for them.


Find a carer

Doctoral candidates are expected to find a supervisor from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Paderborn University independently and on their own initiative. Please take a look at our departments and professorships . This university lecturer should have expert knowledge in the field of the research question in order to be able to provide you with sufficient support during your doctorate. A supervision agreement is drawn up together, which includes mutual expectations and the topic. This is a guideline for supervisory discussions and the joint development of visions.

The mid-level representative will be happy to advise you on completing the agreement. The required documents are available for download.


Find financing

There are various ways to finance a doctorate.


Enrolment and admission as a doctoral candidate

An application must be submitted in order to be admitted to doctoral studies. In addition, the necessary proof of the admission requirements should be provided. You can find more detailed information on this in the next section.

In­form­a­tion on en­rol­ment

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  • Applicants need a degree from a business studies programme (including industrial engineering, business informatics and business education) lasting at least eight semesters with a Master's degree with an overall grade of at least "good" or a degree from a programme in which a degree other than a Bachelor's degree is awarded. In the case of a relevant university degree or another academic degree programme, the overall performance must be very good.
  • Students who have already failed a doctoral examination once are not eligible for admission.
  • On the basis of the equivalence agreements approved by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, foreign degrees must be checked for equivalence. We therefore ask international students to contact the International Office.
  • Further regulations can be found in the doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

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The first step of enrolment can be completed online. In the second step, please send the above-mentioned documents to the Registrar's Office.

Step 1: Enrolment for doctoral studies (online via PAUL)

  • Log in with your own Paul account (you do not need to create an applicant account if you already have one)
  • Fill in"My details" under Application - My applications. Click on Search for doctorate and select Doctorate in Economics (the semester specified here may differ, continue anyway)
  • Complete the application form (you can now select the correct semester here)
  • Submit the form
  • Print out the online enrolment application for doctoral studies and send it by post including all documents to the Registrar's Office:

Mr Daniel Langguth
Tel: 05251 60-5065 Room B0.324

Step 2: Necessary documents for the Registrar's Office

  • Enrolment application (from PAUL), signed
  • Proof of payment of the semester fees
  • Copy of identity card or passport (ID number and access number (to the right of the expiry date) should be made unrecognisable)
  • News proof of health insurance or exemption certificate (for private insurance) from a statutory health insurance company (certificate to be presented to the university!) A copy of the insurance card or a certificate of existing family insurance is not sufficient). - Please note: If you are a member or family member of a private health insurance company, proof of exemption from the statutory insurance obligation must be submitted. The health insurance company with which you were last covered by statutory health insurance is responsible for the exemption and issuing the corresponding certificate. If you have never had statutory health insurance (e.g. if you have private health insurance), any statutory health insurance fund will issue you with the necessary exemption certificate. See also here. Exception: Applicants with insurance cover from other EU countries should enclose a copy of their European Insurance Card (EC Regulation 883/04 and treaty law).
  • Degree certificate of the degree programme entitling you to a doctorate (not required if you completed your studies at Paderborn University)
  • Certificate of exmatriculation from the last university attended (not required if it is Paderborn University)
  • Franked and addressed envelope (DIN A 4 - without window) for returning the enrolment documents
  • Certificate from the faculty confirming admission to a doctoral programme of the faculty(form "Certificate of admission to a doctoral programme")

If you have any questions or problems regarding enrolment, please contact Mr Daniel Langgut

„In unserem Fachbereich herrscht eine sehr familiäre Atmosphäre. Spätestens ab dem Master kennen die Professor*innen fast jeden Studierenden persönlich. Die Identifikation mit dem Studienfach wird von Anfang an gefördert und ist daher unter Lehrenden wie Kommiliton*innen sehr ausgeprägt.”

Michelle Müller,
Forscherin sowie Preisträgerin für herausragende Abschlussarbeiten

Dur­ing the doc­tor­ate

Tablet steht auf einem Tisch, Mann liest Zeitung.

The doc­tor­al pro­gramme

The doctoral programme takes place alongside the doctoral dissertation. It consists of six modules from the module handbook of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics totalling 30 ECTS credits. It is a research-orientated degree programme designed to prepare students for academic research activities.

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Re­search fund­ing

The Faculty supports its academics with numerous funding programmes and thus creates space for research. In addition, the university-wide Graduate Academy offers interdisciplinary information, qualification and counselling services.

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Stay abroad

Take the opportunity and go abroad during your doctorate! Gain access to special sources, expand your subject area and language skills and strengthen your international network. Above all, it is a unique experience!

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So­cial ex­change

University life can quickly become boring if you are alone. To make it easy for you to make new acquaintances at the university and share your knowledge together, the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics has instituted the Buddy Programme, in which new employees are assigned a buddy from another department.

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Sem­inars and work­shops

Faculty research workshop

The biennial Faculty Research Workshop promotes the exchange of research work within the entire Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. This is a particularly good opportunity for junior researchers to present their current work and discuss it with members of the academic community.

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TRR 266/ TAF Research Seminar, TAF Prep Workshop, TAF Brown Bag Seminar

As part of the TRR 266/ TAF Research Seminar, renowned researchers from all over the world present their results. Doctoral candidates and professors from Department 2 actively participate in the seminar through critical and constructive discussion. This culture of exchange refines existing work and generates new ideas.

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Seminar of Economics and Management

The "Seminar of Economics and Management" (SEAM) takes place every Monday from 1 to 2 p.m. in Q4.245. As part of the research seminar, guest researchers have the opportunity to give presentations on current research. Following the lecture, ideas are exchanged in the research café.

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Paderborn Research Colloquium on Information Management & Engineering

As part of the PRIME research seminar, the Department of Information Systems invites leading researchers and promising young female researchers in information systems to Paderborn University.

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Trilateral doctoral candidate seminar Paderborn-Cologne-BiBB

The two-day Trilateral Doctoral Candidate Seminar offers doctoral candidates from vocational education and training research the opportunity to present their research projects to an interested audience of experts from the participating locations and to receive impulses, suggestions and tips for the successful completion of their work.

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Quantitative Economic Days

Undisturbed by everyday university life, the researchers can discuss their individual research projects and give each other feedback in groups as well as in individual discussions at a location outside the university. In addition to personal research, the QED also focuses on further training in the methodological field.

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After the doctorate

After completing their doctorate, early career researchers have the option of continuing their academic career at university or pursuing a career in the private sector. If you decide in favour of a university career, the two- to six-year postdoc phase follows the doctorate, during which you develop your profile.

Personen sitzen im Foyer und tauschen sich aus.

Let our young re­search­ers in­spire you!

With the Dean's Young Scholar Awards, the Dean's Office team of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics would like to recognise the outstanding achievements of young academics in our faculty. The award is intended to make the successes of young academics even more visible to the outside world.

Young Scholar Awards

Con­tact points

Doc­tor­al com­mit­tee

Vice Dean for Re­search and Young Aca­dem­ics

Gradu­ate Centre of the Fac­ulty

Rep­res­ent­at­ive body of the fac­ulty

Cent­ral Gradu­ate Academy: Jenny Aloni Centre

We look for­ward to hear­ing from you!

Do you have questions about doctoral studies? The Vice Dean for Research and Junior Academics will be happy to be your first point of contact.

Prof. Dr. Wendelin Schnedler

Dekanat Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Room Q4.322
Paderborn University
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn