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Module registration

The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics operates two application times per semester.

  • First registration period: This allows you to apply to modules early, before the semester start. Recommended for courses with limited capacity.
  • Second registration period: after a module has started and you got a better idea of its content and level, you can still change your module registration by cancelling existing modules and applying to new modules.

The opening and closing dates for the early and second registration phases are published on the pages of the Faculty's Study Office. Further details on the application periods are below:

Phase 1 Registration

Once you have enrolled, the normal process for module registrations is always via the online PAUL system.

  •  A special arrangement allows Exchange Students at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics to take part in Phase 1 registration before their arrival in Paderborn. Students will be sent relevant data by the Faculty's Internationalisation Office which they can use to register early modules for their first 20 ECTS. Please contact the Internationalisation Office if, at the start of Phase 1, you have not yet been contacted with the access data.
  • Important note: Please check the proper functioning of your email account. The Office does not resend emails bounced back due to a full mailbox.
Phase 2 Registration

After your arrival in Paderborn, and during the Phase 2 window, all module registrations must be made via the online PAUL system. Detailed instructions on how to use PAUL are included in the Introduction Session for Exchange Students before the start of the semester.

  • Please contact the Notebook Café in the reception area of the University Library if you require any technical (IT) support.
  • For any non-technical difficulties experienced with the registration process please contact the Study Office of the Faculty. Here you will also find detailed instructions.
  • Queries about the course/module selection and about Learning Agreements that may be required for Erasmus+, for example, have to be addressed to the Faculty's Internationalisation Office.
Modules with Limited Capacity

When a module with a limited number of places is booked to capacity, there is a waiting list. If the waiting list is long it is advisable to book onto alternative modules. It is also possible that for some modules there may not be a Phase 2 registration. You should also seek approval for any changes to your module choices from your academic tutor in your home university.

Waiting lists of modules with limited places are published on the pages of the Faculty.

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