What are ca­pa­city-lim­ited mod­ules?

At the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, there are modules for which only a limited number of participants can be admitted.

You can find out whether a module has such a participant limit in the module description. In addition to the binding information regarding the participant limit, you will also find information in the module descriptions as to whether an additional application via the chair may be necessary in order to be admitted to the module.

Modules with limited capacity can only be registered for in the 1st registration phase. Please note that registration in PAUL does not automatically mean that you have been admitted to the module. After the end of the 1st enrolment phase, a selection of participants will be made on the basis of the enrolment figures. Before the start of the revision phase, you will find information on the type of participant selection in the individual modules together with the admission and waiting lists on this website. In addition, during the revision phase, updates on the admission and waiting lists for modules with a participant selection will be published via the study office.

Ad­mis­sion and wait­ing lists

Modules with limited capacity for which all available places have already been filled in the 1st registration phase are blocked for the revision phase in the summer semester 2024. It is no longer possible to register for these modules via PAUL(see "Modules blocked for new registrations"). In some cases, manual late registration is possible to a limited extent via the chairs. You will find the e-mail address of a contact person after these modules.

For other modules, the selection of participants was carried out on the basis of the faculty's module selection regulations. Below you will find a list of the modules concerned as well as the participation and waiting lists.

The participation and waiting lists will be updated regularly until 11 April 2024. The last update with the final participation lists will be published on 15 April. All students on the waiting lists will then be deregistered.

If you have any questions, please contact the study office(studium(at)wiwi.upb(dot)de).


04.04.2024: 1. update participation an waiting lists

M.184.2120: All registered students are accepted.

08.04.2024: 2. update participation and waiting list

M.184.3365: All registered students are accepted.

M.184.5173: All registered students are accepted.

10.04.24: 3. update participation and waiting list

M.184.3142: all registraded students are accepted

12.04.24: 4. update participation and wating list

M.184.3114: all registrated students are accepted

M.184.4189: all registated students are accepted

15.04.24: last update participation and waiting list

M.184.4343 all registated students are accepted

M.184.5341 all registated students are accepted

All registrations from the first registration phase have been accepted for the following modules (registration in the revision phase is not possible):


M.184.2176 Finding and Developing your Research Project
M.184.2179 Wrongdoing & Whistleblowing in Organizations
M.184.2483 Angewandte Statistik
M.184.2540 Sustainable International Business Management in Multinational Corporations 
M.184.4132 The Economics of Individual Behavior in Organizations
M.184.4133 The Economics of Individual Behavior in Organizations II
M.184.4176 Finding and Developing your Research Project
M.184.4255 Ausgewählte Entscheidungsprobleme im Produktionsmanagement
M.184.5452 Topics in Financial and Economic Data Science


The following modules have been opened for the revision phase (there is no participant selection and no participant limit):

M.184.2126 Entrepreneurship
M.184.3310 Grundlagen von Social Media und kooperativen Technologien
M.184.3412 International Trade
M.184.5507 Transformation von Arbeit und Beruflicher Bildung

Modules with limited capacity

(Selection of participants - no new registrations possible - please check the participant and waiting lists for these modules (see link above)).

M.184.2120 Praxisseminar Marketing und Digital Transformation
M.184.2140 Cross-Cultural Management
M.184.2178 Verhaltensökonomik in Deinem Alltag
M.184.2358 Studienarbeit Digitale Märkte
M.184.2473 Einführung in die multivariate Statistik mit SPSS
M.184.2515 International Management with Regional Focus on China
M.184.2530 Authentisch führen und kommunizieren
M.184.3114 Services Marketing
M.184.3142 New Work & Strategisches Personalmanagement
M.184.3365 Information Technology for Decision Making
M.184.4149 Spirituality & Management
M.184.4162 Seminar on Decision Making using Concepts from Behavioral Economics
M.184.4189 Seminar zur experimentellen Wirtschaftsforschung
M.184.4343 Management von Reorganisations- und IT-Projekten
M.184.4475 Applied Microeconometrics using STATA
M.184.4492 Health Economics – An international  and Institutional Perspective
M.184.4497 Cases in Competition Policy
M.184.5171 Sustainable Marketing
M.184.5173 Projektseminar Marketing und Value Creation
M.184.5185 Evidence-Based HRM & Leadership
M.184.5341 Projektseminar: Digitalization of Critical Infrastructures
M.184.5420 Impact Evaluation in Environmental Economics Using Field Experiments
M.184.5480 Seminar Microeconometrics
M.184.5505 Sich selbst und andere führen



Manual late registrations from the start of the revision phase

Students registered in Paul are accepted for the module. In the case of participant selection via the chair, this is subject to selection by the chair. Late registrations by e-mail to the contacts listed below. Please include your full name, matriculation number, degree programme and the field of your examination regulations in which you would like to select the module in the e-mail.

M.184.2102 Organisationspsychologie sarah.depenbusch@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.2125 Praxisseminar: Innovation im Mittelstand II frederic.alexander.starmann@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.2187 Forschungsseminar Corporate Governance prottem@campus.uni-paderborn.de
M.184.2132 Freakonomics: Surprising effects of applied economics mojgan.ghayour.najafabadi@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.2136 Zukunfts- und Szenario-Management liana.bomm@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.2171 Managerial Economics ManEc@mail.uni-paderborn.de
M.184.2248 25 Minute Papers (Bachelor) banking@wiwi.upb.de 
M.184.2254 A Simulation in Management Accounting daniel.plueckebaum@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.2318 Studienarbeit Betriebliche Informationssysteme birgit.petermeier@upb.de 
M.184.2478 Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung mit Stata sonja.lueck@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.3128 Praxisseminar: Innovation im Mittelstand I frederic.alexander.starmann@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.3130 Lean Start-up lorena.stelzer@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.3147 Learning and Innovation in Africa martin.schneider@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.3152 Organizational Behavior robin.bodenberger@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.3236 Seminar wissenschaftliches Arbeiten im Controlling andrea.bartholome@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.3324 Studienarbeit Predictive Analytics dataanalytics@wiwi.upb.de
M.184.3341 Studienarbeit: Sustainable Information Systems jana.driller@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.3362 Studienarbeit Operations Research StudienarbeitOR@misor.org
M.184.3363 OR Lab A OrLabA@misor.org 
M.184.3481 Seminar Statistik und empirische Wirtschaftsforschung empwifo@mail.uni-paderborn.de
M.184.4129 Corporate Entrepreneurship I frederic.alexander.starmann@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.4130 Start-up Engineering lorena.stelzer@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.4248 25 Minute Papers (Master) banking@wiwi.upb.de 
M.184.4561 Microteaching karin.heyen@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.5127 Social Entrepreneurship sumaya.islam@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.5128 Corporate Entrepreneurship II frederic.alexander.starmann@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.5147 Learning and Innovation in Africa martin.schneider@uni-paderborn.de
M.184.5204 Seminar zur Bankwirtschaft banking@wiwi.upb.de   
M.184.5351 Project Seminar Digital Service Innovations Angelika.Bursig@wiwi.upb.de
M.184.5498 Economic Research empwifo@mail.uni-paderborn.de
M.184.5504 Professionelle Gesprächsführung karin.heyen@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.5506 Organisationsentwicklung  karin.heyen@uni-paderborn.de 
M.184.5519 Europäische Berufsbildungspolitik und vergleichende Analyse von Berufsbildungssystemen karin.heyen@uni-paderborn.de 

Participation selection via the chair // Closed for new registrations

(no new registration possible; if you choose to participate via the chair, you will also be informed by the chair about a possible admission)

M.184.2114 Global Business Essentials
M.184.2357 Innovative Ideas Seminar (Undergraduate)
M.184.3293 Wirtschaftsprüfung, Nachhaltigkeit und digitale Transformation
M.184.3311 Methoden des Social Media Managements 
M.184.4114 Relationship Driven Selling
M.184.4169 Seminar zur Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik
M.184.4327 Virtual Reality Experiments - Interaktion in der virtuellen Organisation
M.184.5115 Omnichannel Marketing & Relationship Management
M.184.5335 Real-World Machine Learning Projects
M.184.5350 Innovative Ideas Seminar (Graduate)
M.184.5452 Topics in Financial and Economic Data Science


Closed for further registrations

(all remaining registrations accepted)



How are par­ti­cipants se­lec­ted?

Participants are selected either directly via the chairs or via the module selection regulations of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Please note that changes may occur during the selection process, e.g. an increase in the number of participants in individual modules.

For some modules, the maximum number of participants was not reached in previous semesters. There may be remaining places for these modules in the revision phase. In addition, modules that were originally designated as limited can still be opened at a later date.

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