Their course content is organised into modules. A module is a summary of courses in a common subject area. In addition to the courses and exercises, a module also consists of the final oral or written module examinations.

Credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are awarded for the assessment of the time required to complete a module. A module can be completed after one semester or extend over several semesters, such as our language modules on the IBS degree programme. The time required for the courses in a module is given in semester hours per week (SWS).

The most important information about modules can be found on the following pages. Use the module catalogue and module handbook to plan your further course of study. However, always observe the provisions of the curriculum and examination regulations.

The mod­ule cata­logue

Here you will find an overview of all selectable modules. Please note that the module catalogues are based on the Faculty's module handbook.

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The mod­ule hand­book

Here you will find a list of all modules offered by and up to and including the selected semester to students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. When planning your studies, please note that the module catalogues are only valid for the current academic year.

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Mod­ules with lim­ited ca­pa­city

There are modules at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics for which only a limited number of participants can be admitted. On the following page you will find more detailed information on these capacity-limited modules.

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Con­tact for prob­lems

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