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Studying at the Faculty

To make the start at our University easier for you, the Faculty offers regularly welcome events for exchange students at the beginning of each semester. You will come away with plenty of useful information that will make it easier for you to successfully manage your studies at the Faculty. In addition, you will be introduced to contact persons who can support you with various topics during the rest of the semester.


Modern, dynamic and innovative - these are the characteristics that make the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, with around 4,000 students, 41 professors and approximately 170 other academic staff, a very interesting teaching and research institution. Thanks to internationally competitive teaching and first-class research, we offer students qualifications that are particularly suitable for the global job market.

An overview of the variety of courses offered by our faculty can be found on the page about our degree programs. The faculty entails six different departments which are:

As an exchange student, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the diversity of all courses of study and to take modules across all courses of study.

The faculty can especially distinguish itself in the area of internationalisation, because with more than 70 partner universities the faculty has one of the largest international networks of research and study cooperations. This enables the students to expand their language and subject-related, but also intercultural competences.

Application and Enrolment

The application and registration of exchange students for all faculties is done by the International Office of Paderborn University. The International Office will contact you in time before your stay and send you all necessary information. As soon as you will have to choose your courses, the faculty will contact you.

Application and enrolment process

  1. Application to the International Office of the home university
  2. Nomination of the applicants at Paderborn University by the home university
  3. After successful nomination: all necessary information regarding the online application will be sent by e-mail
  4. After successful application: receipt of the letter of admission for all applicants
  5. In the first days after arrival in Paderborn: registration at the university

For more important and detailed information, please visit the International Office website.

Good to know about studying at the Faculty

Studying at the faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Paderborn University may differ to some extend from studying at your home university. Please consider the following information.

Modules at the faculty of Business Administration and Economics

  • usually amount for 5 or 10 ECTS.
  • usually contain various submodules which cannot be attended individually and independently.
  • can only be passed as a whole.

Particularly important:
Modules at the faculty of Business Administration and Economics

  • cannot be repeated in the same semester.
  • are (despite few exceptions) offered only once per year.

Especially the last point is crucial for your study planning. If you do not pass a module you need to repeat it completely which is not possible in the same academic year.

Therefore you should plan your studies in a way that one exam will not determine your study progress. This is of special importance if aou plan to continue with a different study program afterwards or a scholarship is tied to passing your exams.


The online system PAUL is the Campus Management System of the Paderborn University. PAUL summarizes all administrative processes that play a role in the course of studies. It covers, for example, the registration for courses, the taking of examinations, and the administration of student and examination data. PAUL also contains the complete course catalogue of the university. Thus, it also includes the module offer of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. However, please always use the module catalogue for your course search first, as changes and updates are available more quickly in it.


Important Dates

Please make sure to remember the most important deadlines:

  • Start and end date of lecture period.
  • Start and end date of second module registration period.
  • Kick-Off Meetings and block seminar dates.
  • Last dates to deregister from module examinations (one week prior to the first module examination).
  • Examination dates of all modules you registered for.

Various important events and deadlines form the framework of each semester. Some important ones are listed below, as they are of central importance and essential for the course of study.

Course of winter semester 2021-22
The winter semester officially starts on 01.10.2021 and ends on 31.03.2022. The lecture period starts on 11.10.2021 and ends on 04.02.2022.

Anmeldung zu Veranstaltungen
In order to be able to register in advance for courses, please note that the first registration phases for courses in the next semester will start on 09.08.2021. The second registration phase will then start on 04.10.2021.

Find an overview of all deadlines here.

Organisation of the examination phase

At the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics there is no specifically defined examination phase. Written and oral exams usually take place in the last week of the semester, or a few weeks after the semester ends. Please ask your lecturer for information about examinations and submissions of tasks. As soon as they have been published, you will find the dates of all examinations in the modules you have chosen under the following link:

The current deadlines can also be found on the faculty's website and the module pages of the module coordinators. Please note that it is possible to cancel an exam up to one week before the start of the first module exam.

Introductory event

In order to make it easier for you to start your studies, the faculty regularly offers an introductory event for exchange students at the beginning of the semester. We will inform you about the date of this introductory event in good time before the beginning of your stay. Please make sure that you take part in this event, as you will be informed about all important dates and interesting facts about studying at the faculty. You will also be introduced to contact persons who can support you with various topics during the rest of the semester. If you missed the introductory event, please contact the faculty's Office of International Affairs: international[at]wiwi[dot]uni-paderborn[dot]de

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is the agreement between the home university, the host university and the student on the choice of courses to be taken during a stay abroad and which will subsequently be credited towards the degree.

The Internationalization Officer is the academic supervisor for exchange students and is responsible for the signature of the (Erasmus+) Learning Agreement at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Inquiries during your stay can be addressed to the Internationalization Office.

For inquiries before your stay abroad, please contact the International Office of the Paderborn University. They will forward the Learning Agreement for signature.

Study platforms

In addition to the campus management system "PAUL", there are other learning platforms at the university, for which registration will often be necessary. The most important platform is PANDA. It is the learning management system of the Paderborn University and serves the networking and communication between students and lecturers as well as the organization of courses. It offers the possibility to provide learning materials for the participants of a course, to structure submissions and to get in contact with other participants of the course, as well as lecturers and tutors.

Important: Please note that registration or deregistration on learning platforms does not replace the official module and exam deregistration in PAUL.

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