The Mod­ule Cata­logue

Both the relevant semester and degree program can be selected using the dropdown menu provided. Thereafter, an overview of all the modules on offer for this program within the selected semester will be displayed. Both compulsory and optional areas are regulated within your study plan and/or examination regulations. Please take note, during your module selection process, that the module catalogues are based on the faculty’s module handbook. The module handbook, valid for the current academic year, is published once a year and is approved by the Fakultätsrat. Module descriptions of previous semesters can be found in the archived module handbooks. In particular, the faculty points out that information regarding "Weighting for the overall grade" is relevant for those students studying the Bachelor's degree programmes "B.Sc. International Business Studies", "B.Sc. in Business Information Systems and B.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics (not B.Sc. in Sports Economics) only. These students have been enrolled since Winter Semester 15/16 or a later semester. For all students who were enrolled before Winter Semester 15/16 each module is simply weighted in a lump sum.