Module Registration

At the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics there are two registration phases for courses (modules) each semester.

The first registration phase, before the actual start of the semester, is intended to enable students to register for modules early. This can be especially advantageous for modules with limited capacity. In the second registration phase it is then possible to adjust the previous registrations. This means that you can withdraw from modules and others can be selected after you have gained a more precise impression of the module content and level of requirements. The opening and closing dates for the early and second registration phases are published on the pages of the Faculty's Study Office.

Further details on the application periods are below:

Basically, the course registration in both registration phases is done via the online system PAUL. However, since this option is only available after enrolment in Paderborn, there are special exceptions for exchange students of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. In order to be able to participate in the first registration phase even if your arrival and enrolment in Paderborn is still pending, the International Office will send you a file in advance with which you can pre-select up to 20 ECTS. If you have not yet received a file for the first module selection phase, please contact the International Office.

Important: Please make sure that your e-mail account is functioning properly. E-mails rejected due to an overfilled mailbox will not be resent.

After arrival or during the second registration phase, registrations must be made via the Online System PAUL itself. Detailed information will be given in the introductory event for exchange students shortly before the start of the semester.

In case of admission problems during the registration process, the faculty’s Study Office can help you. There you will also find further detailed information on the registration procedure.

If you have any questions concerning the choice of course and a possibly necessary Learning Agreement (Erasmus+), the faculty's Office of International Affairs international[at]wiwi[dot]uni-paderborn[dot]de can help you.

Some of the modules offered at Paderborn University are limited in capacity. If the places of these modules, which are limited by the number of participants, are filled, waiting lists will be formed. In case of long waiting lists, it may be useful to inform yourself in time about the registration for an alternative module. This is because under certain circumstances it may not be possible to register in the second registration phase. You should coordinate any changes in the choice of module with the academic supervisor at your home university as early as possible.

Waiting lists of modules with limited capacity will be published on the faculty website.

In general, you can only deregister from modules before the end of the 2nd registration phase. Please note that if modules with limited capacity are deregistered, no new registration is possible.