Double Mas­ter Pro­gram of the Uni­ver­sit­ies of Pader­born and To­hoku Uni­ver­sity (Ja­pan)

The faculty for Business Administration and Economics at the University of Paderborn and the Graduate School of Economics and Management (GSEM) at Tohoku University, Japan are offering a double master program since winter semester 2015/2016. Students from both universities are given the opportunity to study both programs simultaneously allowing them to obtain a master’s degree in International Economics and Management (IEM) at the University of Paderborn as well as the Global Program in Economics and Management (GPEM) at Tohoku University, within the standard study period of four semesters. The study program begins and ends respectively at the home University, with semesters two and three completed at the partner University. Students of Paderborn are exempt from paying the tuition fee at the Tohoku University. The program is designed so that all performances at the partner university are accredited by the home university of the student. Furthermore, independent, additional achievements are compulsory and will be recognized upon completion. Among these achievements are language courses which are completed at the partner university, as well as the completion of a thesis.

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