Go International!

Why study abroad?

More than a quarter of German students spend some of their study time abroad. Their number is on the increase, and not surprisingly so. Here are some good reasons:

  • to improve your language skills
  • to experience life at another university and access a wider range of courses
  • to get to know other people and cultures
  • to develop your mobility and broaden your horizon
  • demonstrates your flexibility and adaptability to future employers who increasingly value graduates with international experience to help them compete in a globalised economy
  • to make new friends and build your own international network

Reasons against studying abroad

Not much speaks against a study stay in another country. Of course it has to be financed. But you do not need to be concerned about a study stay abroad necessarily prolonging the overall duration of your studies because the system of credit transfers allows recognition of your achievements. However, good organisation of your study stay is essential. One way to find out what to expect is by reading the testimonials  of previous exchange students. In addition the International Office of the University and the Internationalisation Office of the Faculty are there to assist you at every step of your study exchange, if required.