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Double Master Program of the Paderborn and Tohoku University

Information for Outgoings

Application Information for the students of the University of Paderborn

Application is possible for students of the Master Program (IEM) at Paderborn throughout both the first and second master semester. In order to partake, students must meet the entry requirements of both respected master programs. That is, fulfilment of both the MSc IEM and GPEM program prerequisites is necessary. Professional capability, as well as personal suitability will also be considered. The simultaneous participation in ASBE as well as the Duel Master Program is not permitted.

The nomination of Students to partake in the double master program takes place for the University of Paderborn students in winter semester. Below you can find a detailed overview of the dates and deadlines for the wintersemester 2021/22.

Application Process WS 2021/2022:

Students of MSc IEM may apply at the beginning of their studies. Students currently available for application are those who began their study program in SoSe 2021 or WS 2021/2022.

Submission of documents (at the latest until 16 October) to Paderborn University include: 

  • Personal CV (tabuler form with passport picture, E-mail address and matr. number)
  • Motivational letter ( Reason for application, in English and German)
  • Proof of performance ( Grades of Bachelor degree, Certificate of Bachelor, and where possible up-to-date grades in MSc IEM)
  • Enrollment confirmation for MSc. IEM

Please send you documents digitally to international[at]wiwi[dot]uni-paderborn[dot]de .

Nominees will be announced after interviews have taken place.

All required documents for the enrollment need to be submitted to Tohoku University until 16th November.These encompass:

  • Application (* 'Application for Admission', incl. a 5cm X 4cm passport style photo portrait taken of the applicant within three months of application)
  • Curriculum Vitae (* 'Application Qualification Form', p.4)
  • Academic Transcript
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Two letters of recommendation: (1) Recommendation Form 1 (by advisor) (*); (2) Recommendation Form 2 (by dean) (*)
  • Research Plan
  • Insurance Enrollment Pledge (official form) (*)

All documents marked with '*' and an Application Guideline can be dowloaded at the Webpage of the GPEM. Further details of the requested documents will be announced with the nomination.

Program Development

In general, students have to fulfill study requirements of both master programs. The first and fourth semester take place at the home university, while the second and third semester take place at the host university.

Study achievements that need to be completed abroad will be agreed upon in advance with the home university (learning agreement). In the case where these achievements correspond to the respective study program, they will be credited upon return.

The program develops subject to the respective home university. For students of the University of Paderborn the double master program starts in the winter semester in Paderborn. The participation in an intensive language course in Japanese is obligatory in order to be prepared for the upcoming stay abroad. The course takes place in March of the following summer semester at the Landesspracheninstitut (LSI) Bochum and is conducted by bilingual lecturers and native speakers. The course fee is covered by the faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Language proficiency will be amplified in the following semesters at Tohoku University. Additional study achievements completed abroad will be recognized in the MSc IEM, in the case where they match the study plan. In addition to the regular study program a project work needs to be elaborated and presented at Tohoku University. The completion of the entire program takes place subsequent to the stay abroad at the (home) university Paderborn.

Course Selection

With regard to the course selection students should be aware of the compatibility with both master programs. The table below provides an overview of the courses which have to be completed throughout each program. Further information concerning the course selection at Paderborn University is available on the webpages of the MSc IEM and the Module Catalogue, respectively. For further information with regard to the course selection at Tohoku University please visit the webpage of the GPEM.

Checklist for Course Selection
    Outgoing Incoming
IEM 120 ECTS needed    
  20 ECTS Mandatory Modules:    
  M.184.4441 Methods of Economic Analyses (10 ECTS) (  ) (  )
  M.184.4479 Econometrics (10 ECTS) (  ) (  )
  80 ECTS Elective Modules:    
  Economics (40 ECTS) (  ) (  )
  Management (20 ECTS) (  ) (  )
  General Elective (20 ECTS) (  ) (  )
  20 ECTS Master Thesis (  ) (  )
  For international students:    
  German language course 1 & 2   (  )
GPEM 30 credits (1 credit=2,5 ECTS) needed    
  Maximum of 10 credits (25 ECTS) acquired abroad (transferred from IEM) (  ) (  )
  20 credits acquired in GPEM    
  Global Company Research (2 credits, recommended)  _  _
  4 Credits Mandatory Modules:    
  Project Guidance A & B (4 credits)* (  ) (  )
  16 Credits Elective Modules** (  ) (  )
  Successful project presentation (after Project Guidance A & B) (  ) (  )
  For international students:    
  Japanese language course 1 or 2 (  )  
*Depending on which degree you would like to receive at Tohoku University (Master's Degree of Economics / Management) you can choose either Project Guidance A & B in Economics or Management. Possible topics should be prepared before the mobility. 
**Maximum of 4 credits from seminars.

Students from Paderborn participating in the double master program are exempt from tuition fees at Tohoku University. Moreover, the faculty of Business Administration and Economics bears the cost of the language course at the LSI at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

However, the Paderborn University does not offer scholarships. Instead, external institutions like German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) or the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) must be approached on individual basis.

Living Cost in Sendai

Sendai city is one of the biggest cities in Japan where more than 1 million inhabitants are living, nevertheless its price of goods is relatively low compared to the other big cities.

Monthly living cost is usually in the range of 80,000 yen to 150,000 yen and the following items are details of this living cost.

All prices are in Japanese Yen. The exchange rate ranged from 110 – 150 JPY/Euro over the past years.

1) Accommodation

  • Student Dormitory: 10,000 yen to 30,000 yen/month (Incl. utility + internet)
  • Private Accommodations: 35,000 yen to 55,000 yen/month (+Utility approx. 10,000 yen/month)
  • Internet fees: 1,890 – 6,980 yen
  • Mobile phone: from 3,000 yen

2) Foods

     40,000 yen to 50,000 yen/month

     ◇Examples (approx.)

  • Milk (1L): 180 yen
  • Bread (1kg): 350 – 400 yen
  • Mineral Water: 110 yen
  • Eggs (10 pieces): 200 yen
  • Beef (100g): 200 yen

3) Public transportation (approx.)

  • City bus (100 – 250 yen)
  • Train (from 190 yen)
  • Subway (200 – 320 yen)
  • Taxi (from 680 yen + distance dependent charge)

4) Other information

  • Japanese tax rate is 8% and this rate is applied to all items. (From 2020 it will be raised to 10%)
Additional information

Dates regarding information meetings can be found on the homepage of the International Campus. Further information about the individual study programs and program partners can be found here:



The program coordinators for the double master program are Prof. Dr. Stefan Jungblut (University of Paderborn) and Prof. Dr. Kenji Mori (Tohoku University).

Enquiries can be sent via email to: msc-iem(at)campus.upb(dot)de


Student Statement

Studying at Tohoku University is an extremely great experience, not only from an academic perspective but also on the human level.

The university is helping the exchange students with every aspect of their lives, making it easy to settle down in a culture so different from the German. Also they offer a lot of events to connect with Japanese students and get a real insight in the culture. Moreover, Sendai as a city is a perfect place to live, making it very easy to enjoy the live outside of the campus.

- DMP student

The University for the Information Society