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Modul Selection

Module Catalog

With a few exceptions, the entire programme of course modules are open to exchange students. Currently available modules are listed in a Module Catalog, which you can access on the link below. Please select the correct semester and relevant course of studies from the drop-down list, or 'Courses in English available for exchange students'.

Module Handbook

Each module is fully described in the Module Handbook. It comprises every module taught at the University, however, not every module is delivered every year/semester. If you want to see which courses are available in any specific year you need to consult the relevant Module Catalogue. You can find the Module Catalogue either from the module selection in the Module Handbook or at the online Catalogue page.


The online system PAUL comprises the entire lecture programme of the University, as well as all the modules. Please always start your course search on the Module Catalogue, which is always kept up to date.

The following documents give information about the handling of Paul

Link to Access the online system PAUL.

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