Modul Selection

Module Catalog

In general, it is possible for exchange students to take advantage of the full range of modules, with a few exceptions. The current module offer can be viewed in the module catalogue, which you can find under the following link: Module catalogue

Please select the appropriate semester and course of study or select "Courses in English available for exchange students" if you want to make sure that the module is held in English (Information about module registration).

Module Manual

For more detailed information you can reach the module manual. Please note that the module handbook covers all modules available at the faculty and you must therefore pay attention to when which modules take place. This is because not all of these modules are offered in every academic year. In contrast, the module catalogue only contains the modules of the respective academic year.

You can find the module manual by selecting a module in the module manual or by using the module catalogue.


Depending on the amount of time required for participation in a module, credit points are given according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The amount of time required is given in semester hours per week (SWS). One ECTS point corresponds to approximately 30 SWS. For this reason, the Paderborn University offers two types of courses in the field of economics, one with 5 ECTS and one with 10 ECTS points.

The bachelor's degree at the Paderborn University usually requires 180 ECTS points. Accordingly, an average of 30 ECTS points per semester is to be chosen. In the faculty of business administration and economics it is generally possible to take courses with a maximum total of 45 ECTS points per semester.