Welcome to Paderborn!

We are very happy, that you chose Paderborn University for your semester abroad.

During your studies you will have various opportunities to develop professionally and personally with the broad, diversified study offer. We will support you and, on this webpage, you will receive a first impression and overview what you can expect and how you to get along Paderborn University and especially at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Moreover, here you can get some hints for the organization of the planning of your studies.

  • How is the Faculty structured?
  • How to become an exchange student at Paderborn University?
  • When does the lecture period start?
  • How do I plan my semester abroad?
  • How do I register for modules?
  • Which courses can I choose?
  • Where can I find courses offered in English?
  • Where do I find current syllabi?
  • What is the difference between module catalog and module manual?
  • How are the modules structured?


  • How do I register for courses?
  • How do I register for examinations?
  • What do I have to consider when registering for a course?
  • When is the examination period?
  • Where and when will the examination schedule be published?
  • Can I unregister from exams?
  • What to do before the lecture starts?
  • Do you have your IMT Account?
  • Who is the right contact person when it comes to questions regarding my module selection?
  • What is the difference between International Office and Office for International Affairs?
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Jungblut

Internationalisierungszentrum Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Representative for International Affairs

Write email +49 5251 60-2112