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Key Information about Credit Point Recognition/Conversion

The decision as to whether your study achievements from abroad can be recognized will always be made before your departure (Guidelines of the International Office). Therefore, it is essential that you inform yourself regarding the courses offered by the partner university. Furthermore, you should get in contact with the Module Coordinators of the faculty who are responsible for recognizing the credit transfer, as early as possible.

- IMPORTANT! New process of Credit Point Recognition from WS 2017/2018 -


The decision regarding your credit point recognition falls to the Module Coordinators.

The choice of modules available will depend on the comparability of the module for which recognition is requested. Your credit points from abroad may possibly be recognized as a substitution for an equivalent module offered by Paderborn University. However, this only applies to modules with comparable learning contents.

Alternatively, your credit points from abroad could be recognized as part of the module category 'Specialized Subjects' which can have a value of 5 or 10 ECTS. This category does not require a similarity in content with the modules offered by the Faculty at Paderborn University.

Before the mobility

  1. Please download the suitable Learning Agreement form for your mobility program (Overseas, Free Mover from the websites of the International Office. ERASMUS students find the corresponding forms in the “Mobility online” database.
  2. Fill in your personal data as well as Table A and Table B:                                                 Study Programme at the Receiving Institution (Table A – Before the Mobility) Recognition at the Sending Institution (Table B – Before the Mobility)
  3. Submit your documents to the responsible Module Coordinator. The original must be submitted. Photocopies and simultaneous distributions of the document will not be accepted.
    1. The completed original Learning Agreement
    2. Your Transcript of Records as provided by the Examinations Secretariat or a print-out version from PAUL
    3. Your contact details (email address and/or mobile phone number)
    4. The syllabus or course description of the chosen module abroad which also details its duration and workload
  4. On the basis of the documents provided along with the Learning Agreement, the Module Coordinator will then make a decision to either certify or reject the recognition.
  5. The Module Coordinator will contact you when your documents are ready for collection.
  6. Finally, the overall responsible for the cooperation (Overseas, Europe) or the representative for International Affairs (Free mover) must sign the successfully completed Learning Agreement.
  7. Keep the documents in a safe place for the upcoming recognition.

Important! A completed and signed Learning Agreement must be organized before the mobility, otherwise no recognition can be made!


*1 Department 2 (Taxation, Accounting and Finance) und Department 6 (Recht) verlangen für die Anrechnung grundsätzlich nach dem Auslandsaufenthalt eine Vorlage aller Kursunterlagen (Präsentationen, Übungen, Seminararbeiten etc.). Bitte senden Sie diese Unterlagen zusätzlich per E-Mail an das Internationalisierungsbüro der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften ( IBS Studierende werden für eine Modulanrechnung von den jeweiligen SprachdozentInnen persönlich aufgefordert Unterlagen vorzuzeigen.

*2 Für IBS Studierenden, die sich Sprachkurse anerkennen lassen wollen wird ein separates „Learning Agreement IBS Sprachen“ gefordert. Dieses ist im Vorfeld persönlich mit den zuständigen SprachdozentInnen abzuschließen. Reichen Sie das Formular dann gemeinsam mit Ihrem Learning Agreement im Internationalisierungsbüro ein.

*³ Vermerken Sie neben besonderen Anerkennungswünschen im Kommentarfeld (z.B. Anerkennung für das Modul „International Business“ bei IBS Studierenden) auch die Teilnahme an speziellen Programmen (ASBE, DMP Tohoku, Transfer Program ISU).

*4 Erasmus+ Studierende beachten bitte die Ausfüllhilfe für Learning Agreements in Mobility Online.

*5 Für eine Anerkennung ist es notwendig, dass Sie das Original Transcript of Records im Internationalisierungsbüro vorlegen. Hat Ihnen die Gasthochschule das offizielle Transcript of Records per Mail zugesandt, leiten Sie diese original E-Mail bitte an das Internationalisierungsbüro weiter.


Internationalisierungsbüro der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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