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IBS Three Minute Thesis Competition

The IBS language courses are designed to help students develop skills for academic, specific and professional purposes.  In English VI, the skills and knowledge students have gained in the previous five English courses are brought together in a grand finale, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition. Click here for the 2022 competition programme, which provides an overview of all contributions.

How does it work?

Students present their own research in a three-minute recorded presentation and a written exposé, and then discuss their work in roundtable sessions. Competition winners are selected by a jury of faculty members. Click here for a video guide to the competition.

3MT presentation

The presentation challenges students to present their research project knowledgeably, concisely, accessibly and engagingly for experts and non-experts alike in just three minutes.


The exposé requires students to concisely articulate their own research project by giving an overview of the topic, explaining the research motivation, providing a review of key literature and outlining the methodology.



Roundtable sessions

The roundtable sessions provide a venue for moderated discussion of topics, which are open to the public. Topics include, for example, digitalisation, TAF, sustainability, international business, entrepreneurship HR, management, and marketing.

IBS 3MT winners 2022

Click here for a compilation of the winning contributions from the 2022 IBS 3MT Competition, as selected by the jury. 


IBS conference 2021 best of

In 2021 EVI students took part in an academic conference in which they delivered a poster presentation and discussed their research. Click here to view a selection of the best submissions.

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