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Registration for Module Examinations

The pre-requisite for successful completion of a module is your registration with the module via PAUL. Without module registration on PAUL you cannot enter module exams. The registration must take place in one of the two registration phases (see Module Catalogue for dates).

Dates of examinations

Modules are assessed at intermediary stage and in a final examination.

  • Intermediary assessments may take place any time after Phase 2 registration has closed up until the end of the lecture period.
  • Final assessments take place after the lecture period.

Important note: Please check regularly the dates of examinations to ensure that you are not absent from the University at the time of exams.

The dates of all examinations, intermediary and final, can be found on the pages of the Faculty.

Examination withdrawal

If during the course of the semester you decide not to take an examination you can withdraw (or deregister) up to a week before the date of the first examination. This must be done via PAUL.

  • You can find the dates of the first examination and the last possible withdrawal date on the pages of the Faculty.
  • If you have missed the last possible withdrawal date you can no longer de-register from the module examination. If you still do not present at the examination, your Transcript of Records will automatically register a 'fail'.
Examination retakes

Examination retakes are not allowed. Instead, you need to retake the entire module. This, however, is usually not possible for Exchange Students as the majority of modules are only offered once a year.

Please make sure that you select your modules accordingly. Avoid putting your study progression at risk by not taking enough modules and their exams. This is all the more important if your student bursary requires successful module achievement, or if you want to change study cycles at the end of your current study period.

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