Uni­ver­si­ty of Pa­der­born

About the Uni­ver­si­ty

The University of Paderborn is guided by the mission statement of a "University for the Information Society". The strong field of computer science, information systems and computer applications plus the interdisciplinary presence of IT in many areas initiates a comparative advantage in the field of IT. The profile of the five faculties shows a concentration of research activities in all fields that are of fundamental importance to the continuing development of the Information Society. It embodies the concept of a modern profile university, focuses on interdisciplinarity and strives for close collaboration with business and industry. The University of Paderborn stands both for modern education and innovative research. The five faculties are:

I. Faculty of Arts and Humanities II. Faculty of Business Administration and Economics III. Faculty of Science IV. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering    V. Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

The University of Paderborn is oriented internationally and welcomes students from all over the world. There are 160 international partnerships in 36 countries. The university offers a wide range of measures to support degree seeking and exchange students. The International Office administrative assistance for exchange and international students is complemented by academic advisors, student buddies, and several students groups. Each year in September, many exchange and international students arrive. Ample activities are offered at that time and make it easy to get in contact, to explore the University, and to build up international relations and new friendships.