Present­a­tion of the GOR Bach­el­or Prize 2023 to Pas­cal Ap­pel­baum

 |  Business Administration and EconomicsFakultät für WirtschaftswissenschaftenDepartment 3: WirtschaftsinformatikWirtschaftsinformatik, insb. Operations ResearchAllgemeines

On 29 May 2024, Pascal Appelbaum was awarded the GOR Bachelor Prize of the Gesellschaft für Operations Research e. V. (GOR) for his thesis ‘Location Routing Problem with Focus on Hub Allocations in Transport Logistics’.

Every year, the GOR awards the GOR Bachelor Prize to outstanding bachelor's graduates at universities with a connection to operations research. It honours special academic achievements in Operations Research that distinguish the award winner within a department.

In his thesis, Pascal Appelbaum analysed the planning of transport networks for a tour operator for people with disabilities. Logistical coordination is becoming increasingly important due to rising fuel and labour costs. Limitations, such as compliance with driving and rest times, and special restrictions due to the increased support required make solving the problem more difficult.

The Chair of Information Systems, in particular Operations Research, congratulates him on this exceptional achievement and honour.