MO­JO - Mo­ti­va­ti­on and Job Op­por­tu­ni­ties Sup­port Ser­vice


“MOJO - Motivation and Job Opportunities Support Service” ist ein international ausgerichtetes Projekt im Lifelong Learning Programme der EU, dass dem Bereich ´Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation´ zugeordnet ist. Die Laufzeit des Projektes beträgt 24 Monate.
Projektpartner sind Berufsbildungsinstitutionen aus Großbritannien, Griechenland, Italien, Litauen, Portugal und Deutschland. Die Projektsprache ist Englisch.
The aims of the project are adapt and develop the MOJO process and methodology in EU countries, test it and embed it in the national environments. MOJO involves employment support experts, coaches, mentors and employers in an integrated process that directly engages with the long term unemployed. The consortium members are experienced in the management and delivery of programmes to support and train unemployed individuals, particularly those at 'high risk' (disabled, women, refugees etc.)
The objectives of Mojo are:

  • Transfer current innovative employment support practice from the UK to other EU countries
  • To enrol and fully engage 20 long term unemployed individuals in a MOJO experience in different EU regions
  • Profile individual concerns and motivations amongst the long term unemployed to inform future practice
  • Evaluate current intensive employment support practice and establish a wider community of practice amongst unemployment service specialists
  • Identify how this support service links to mainstream support, providing added value and economic impact for the regions
  • Engage and discuss with employers in the regions, in order to ensure that the service provided ultimately provides employable, work-ready individuals, able to access opportunities available to them
  • Receive feedback from long-term unemployed people on the value of an intensive and personalised service