Our chair participates in the central registration procedure for theses of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.


Registration procedure

The assignment of students to supervisors takes about one to one and a half months. You will then be informed by e-mail about acceptance and contact persons. If you have any questions about this registration procedure, you can contact abschlussarbeiten[at] Please note that communication will only take place by e-mail. If you enter an incorrect address or do not retrieve your messages, any missed deadlines will be at your expense. An overview of the organisational process for the application and registration of a thesis at our chair can be found here.

Further information on registering your thesis, such as the registration period, can be found via this link.

In principle, any student at Paderborn University can apply for a thesis. However, you should have an interest in the topics of our department and ideally be able to document this in your previous course of study. Please check your respective examination regulations for the modalities for theses in individual cases.


Information on scientific working

Here you will find helpful information on preparing and submitting a thesis, techniques of scientific work, as well as some sample theses from our department.


Completed theses

Here you can find an overview of completed theses at the Chair of Institutional Economics and Economic Policy.