Com­pleted theses

Here you can find an overview of completed theses at the Chair of Institutional Economics and Economic Policy.

Bachelor theses
Lock-in effects in B2B software market
Mergers in digital markets - a competition policy perspective on the Facebook/WhatsApp case
Price fixing among German coffee roasters - a competition policy analysis
The European lorry cartel - a competition policy analysis
NFT gaming as a sustainable model for the digital market - a competition policy market analysis
The Corona Pandemic in Germany: On the Impact on Social Welfare in the Food Market
The retail industry in China and Germany before and after Covid-19 - A competition policy perspective
Market power in digital markets


Master theses
Bundling to maximise profits in the context of supply chains
Green cartels: On the balance of antitrust and sustainability
Market abuse in digital markets - a competition policy analysis with case studies from Meta
Bachelor theses
Consortia and alliances in shipping - a competition policy perspective
Urban Big Data and Its Impact on Social Welfare
The Amazon marketplace - a competition policy analysis
On the advantages and disadvantages of aviation alliances - a competition policy perspective on Emirates' solo effort
On the impact of big data on personalised offers in digital markets - a competition policy analysis
On the effectiveness of the European leniency programme - the case of the truck cartel
An Economic Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions - The case of Facebook and WhatsApp


Master theses
On Corruption in Hospitals - An Economic Perspective
Competition policy in times of crisis: On the Welfare Effects of Crisis Cartels
On online comparison portals and their impact on the market - a competition policy analysis
Bachelor theses
Cartels and technical agreements on research and development - a competition policy analysis based on the automotive industry
On the effects of the ban on the sole acquisition of Bundesliga exploitation rights - a competition policy analysis
Market abuse in online markets and the challenges for competition authorities - a competition policy analysis


Master theses
On the privatisation of hospitals - The case of Germany
On combating market power abuse in digital markets - a comparison of competition policy measures
Of the efficacy of competition law in dealing with challenges of digital markets - Selected cases of Facebook
On the Efficacy of EU Competition Policy in the Context of Big Data
Bachelor theses
Platform designs in digital markets - an analysis of welfare effects
Mergers of supermarkets - a competition policy analysis using the example of Edeka and Kaiser's Tengelmann
Abuse of market power by digital platforms - an analysis based on the tenth amendment to the ARC
Abuse of market power by Google - a competition policy analysis
Factors influencing oil price setting using the example of OPEC - A competition policy analysis
The Automobile Industry in Pakistan - An Economic Analysis
Facebook's Digital Currency - A Competition Policy Analysis
The merger of Kaiser's Tengelmann and EDEKA - a competition policy analysis
Advertising opportunities and the Olympic Games - a competition policy analysis
Price fixing in the automotive industry - a competition policy analysis


Master theses
Aviation between liberalisation and consolidation - a competition policy analysis of low-cost and network airlines
Mergers on digital markets - An economic analysis
The potential of cryptocurrencies. An economic analysis of the opportunities and risks of digital currencies
Monopoly formation in the course of globalisation and digitalisation of GAFA companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) - a competition policy analysis
Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Thing-Risks and Chances for Supply Chains
Bachelor theses

Mergers in the hospital sector - a competition economic analysis

Collusion through platforms - the influence of petrol apps on the price competition of petrol stations in Germany

Privatisation and segmentation in the medical field - a trend towards monopolisation?

Cartel agreements in the automotive industry - a competition policy analysis


Master theses

The introduction of the DRG system and its effects on ownership structure and social welfare

Network Development of Low-Cost Carriers at German Airports

Big Data in Digital Markets - Challenges for Competition Policy to Protect Consumer Welfare

Bachelor theses

On the economic impact of climate change on the automotive industry in Germany - An economic policy analysis

The Federal Cartel Office against Sky and DAZN - The call for proposals for the Champions League broadcasting rights from a competition policy perspective

A market analysis of the German hospital sector in the field of inpatient care

Models to illustrate the spread of the first infection wave of SARS-CoV-2. A comparison of models and German infection figures

The 9th amendment to the GWB - On the effects of closing the "sausage gap"

The importance of money in the modern economy - opportunities and risks of cashless payment transactions

Effects of price discrimination in online retail - A welfare analysis using the example of Amazon

Implementation of Competition Policy in the Telecommunications Sector - A Comparison between the USA and Germany

An analysis of barriers to entry in the sharing economy. The cases of Airbnb and Uber

Monopolies and possible effects on social welfare - illustrated by the example of Deutsche Bahn

Human Resource Management Initiatives and Employee Retention at Kenya Airways

On increasing efficiency through reputation mechanisms in digital markets

Horizontal mergers in the hospital sector - an economic analysis

On the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on market power and demand - A market analysis within a catering industry

The Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox - An Economic Analysis of Merger

Bachelor theses

The effect of mergers between large corporations on innovation competition - a competition policy analysis

The Cartel Prohibition for the Marketing of TV Broadcasting Rights of the German Football Leagues - A Competition Policy Analysis

On the social justice of pricing CO2 emissions - an environmental economic analysis

On the relevance of the construction equipment industry in the Indian company

On the economic effects of market power using the Walt Disney Company as a case study

Market abuse in digital markets - A competition policy analysis using the example of Facebook

Market abuse - a competition policy analysis using the cases of Novartis and Aspen

On the strengths and weaknesses of CO_2 taxes and emissions trading in Germany


Master theses

Competition policy in the focus of European champions - centralisation vs. decentralisation

Measures to overcome the provision gap in long-term care - a critical analysis including economic and ethical aspects

Price differentiation in online retail using the example of Amazon and Obi

Mergers subject to conditions - a competition policy analysis of the seed and pesticide market

Bachelor theses

The acquisition of Double Click by Google - a competition policy analysis

Opportunities and risks of real and virtual currencies - an economic perspective

Mergers in the automotive industry - A welfare economic analysis of the takeover of Opel by PSA

Digitalisation of cash - opportunities and risks

Economic applications of blockchain technology - opportunities and risks

Robot Tax: a solution for massive economic inequality?

Building sustainable infrastructures in Burkina Faso - An institutional economic analysis of three dams

Risks and dangers of market power in digital markets - a competition policy analysis


Master theses
Servitisation - Drivers, Benefits and Barriers of a Strategic Transformation
The Influence and Consequences of Competition Policy on the Growth of the Economy - EU vs. EU Competition Policies
Information asymmetry and the SEC framework in digital markets - On the role of reputation systems in alleviating buyers' skepticism and inducing their willingness to pay
The Effectiveness of Leniency Programmes and Whistleblowing in Discouraging Cartel Activities
"Data-Driven Mergers" in Digital Markets - A Competition Policy Analysis
On the Implications of Big Data for Competition Policy - Big data, Market power, Competition law
The effects of hospital ownership in the provision of healthcare: profit and quality of care management in German hospitals
Market abuse in digital markets - a competition policy analysis with case studies of Google, Facebook and Amazon
Challenges for Competition Policy in Data-Driven Mergers
Bachelor theses
Selected determinants of cartel stability - An empirical analysis
Teamwork and social preferences - an economic analysis
Physician remuneration systems and their incentive effects - a health economic analysis
Regulations on the balance of competition in national football leagues
The Market Transparency Centre for Fuels (MTS-K) - An economic analysis of opportunities and risks
On the impact of social preferences on the productivity of service organisation
Incentive effects of the bonus scheme - A competition policy analysis
The economic impact of child labour in Bolivia
On the economic effects of obesity on the labour market
Behavioural aspects of consumer choice - An economic perspective
Influencer marketing - An economic analysis


Master theses
Competition and regulation in the fuel market - An economic analysis of fuel price movements
The intersection of privacy and competition law - Lessons from data-driven mergers
Digital Marketing and its Consequences for Competition and Social Welfare
Corruption and foreign direct investments in developing countries
Market power in digital markets
Merger Analysis in Data-Driven Markets - An Economic Policy Perspective
Bachelor theses
Opportunities and risks of vertical mergers - A competition policy analysis
Types of economic systems and how they influence the development of the economy in developing countries
Competition policy in Europe and Africa: Germany vs Cameroon
Market abuse in the case of Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH versus Deutsche Lufthansa AG - A competition policy analysis
Regulation vs. taxation of monopolies - a microeconomic analysis
How can choice sets be architectured to nudge people into certain decisions?
The influence of hospital competition on patients - an economic analysis
Competition economics in international football - What influence do regulatory instruments have on the competitive balance of Serie A?
On the spread and prevention of measles - a network analysis


Master theses
Sharing Economy - Opportunities and Risks from an Economic Perspective
Individual Criminalisation and Corporate Compliance - An institutional Approach to Protect Companies
Cartel Cases in the EU Financial Derivatives Market - The Role of Facilitating Factors
Heterogeneity in Contests, Sources and Implicants
Digital Markets - On the Impact of Big Data on Market Power and the Formation of Cartels
Bachelor theses
Entrepreneurship - On the Interaction of Innovation and Competition
The Welfare Effects of Minimum Wage in the Monopsony Market
The merger project of REWE Markt GmbH and Coop eG - a competition policy analysis
Bitcoin - similarities and differences in comparison with other currencies
Peer pressure in the workplace
Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH - a syndicate? The centralised marketing of live TV broadcasting rights from a competition policy perspective
The influence of the European leniency programme on the stability of cartels - the case of the car glass cartel
The leniency programme - an opportunity to break up cartels? A competition policy analysis
Welfare effects of minimum prices - the example of the dairy industry
On the incentive effects of the leniency programme - a competition policy analysis of the beer cartel
The Interplay of Corruption and Migration - An Overview of the More Recent Economics Literature
Mergers of airlines - a competition policy analysis
Seat Allocation Procedures - Hare-Niemeyer, D'Hondt and Saint-Laguë in Comparison


Master theses
How effective are leniency programs in cartel deterrence - An overview of the empirical and experimental literature
Neuroscientific and behavioural economic determinants of demand behaviour for search, experience and trust goods
The Suitability of Equilibrium Concepts to evaluate competitive behaviour
The sharing economy and its significance for the German economy
Bachelor theses
Urbanisation and demographic change - an economic analysis
Market power in two-sided online markets - problems of determining a dominant market position using the example of eBay
The merger of Edeka and Kaiser's Tengelmann - An economic analysis
On the incentive and welfare effects of the leniency programme - The case study of the truck cartel (1997 - 2011)
The merger of AOL and Time Warner - A competition policy analysis
Potentials and Risk analysis for Iran and EU before and after trade sanctions on Iran
Open Innovation - An economic perspective
Vertical Restriction of Competition on Hotel Reservation Portals - An Economic Analysis Based on the Best Price Clause of Booking
On the interaction of competition and innovation - an economic analysis
On the incentive effects of the leniency programme - a game-theoretical analysis
Market Definition in the Internet Economy - A Case Study on the Merger Application of Immowelt and Immonet


Master thesis

Cryptography and Competiton Policy

Bachelor theses
Cartel agreements and vertical price fixing - A competition policy analysis using the example of the food industry in Germany
Microsoft vs. the EU Commission - An analysis on product bundeling


Master theses
T-Tip and International Competition - Gains vs. Possible results
The Impact of Competition Policy in the German Healthcare Market and its Effect of Welfare with main focus on the acquisition of Rhoen Clinics by Fresenius Helios
Corruption in the healthcare sector: Experimental design to change the law
Tying and bundling in digital markets - a competition policy analysis
Bachelor theses
Football miracle Leicester City - Also possible in the Bundesliga? An economic comparison of competition in the Bundesliga with the English Premier League
The merger application of Edeka and Kaiser's Tengelmann - on the economic arguments of the parties involved
The effectiveness of whistleblowing and other corporate compliance instruments
Corporate compliance measures and their effect on emerging and existing corruption - the case of Siemens
Overcoming information symmetries in insurance markets - screening and self-selection
The merger of E.ON Ruhrgas - efficiency and welfare effects
On the economic impact of the 2010 Football World Cup on South Africa


Master theses
Welfare effects of cross-border mergers - on the potentials and limits of international competition policy
On the liberalisation of the German market for long-distance bus connections - A competiton Policy perspective
On the Design and Defence of Networks - An Experimental Investigation
Competition on the Internet - A competition policy analysis of e-commerce
On the abuse of market power - an economic perspective of Microsoft antitrust cases
Corruption in the Health Care Sector - A Cross Country Comparison of India, China and Russia
Bachelor theses
Does Google abuse market power? A competition policy analysis of search engines and smartphone operating systems
Corruption in the corporate context - on the effectiveness of compliance measures
The emergence and establishment of corruption - a behaviour-oriented economic analysis
Corruption in sport - an economic analysis of doping
Cartels and collusion - On the economic characteristics of the Lysine cartel


Master theses
The vitamin cartel - Illegal price fixing by international pharmaceutical companies, its economic consequences and the application of the leniency programme by the EU Commission
Market Abuse in the Internet Economy - A Competition Policy Analysis
Ethnosizing Criminals - On the relationship between ethnic identify of immigrant sand criminal behaviour


Student research project

Demographic change in the Federal Republic of Germany including different pension schemes and their impact on the quality of life in old age

Bachelor theses
On the Relationship between Income Inequality and Economic Instability in Developing Countries
The merger application of RTL and ProSiebenSat1 in the field of "Video on demand" - A competition policy analysis
An Economic Analysis of the Ryanair/Aer Lingus Merger Case
Fair Trade - An Economic Investigation of Benefits and Drawbacks
Fair Trade - a new perspective in international trade policy
The Economics of Social Interaction form the Perspective of Pakistan
The Development of Transfer Fees and Salaries in the German Football League - Salary Caps as a Possible Model of Equal Opportunities
The Interaction of Corruption and Terrorism - An Economic Perspective
The dissemination of information in social networks - A competition policy analysis
An economic cost-benefit analysis of wind power using the Beeck wind farm as a case study
Delayed annual financial statements - Is there a connection to the economic situation


Master theses
Patents in medicine - curse or blessing? - An economic perspective
Mergers of health insurance companies - on the efficiency and distribution effects
The introduction of the EU Merger Guidelines - efficiency and welfare effects
Bachelor theses
Migration and corruption - On the economic effects on countries of origin and destination
Coordinated patent protection in a globalised world - Efficiency and incentive effects on drug supply in developing countries
Diffusion of Innovations in Social Networks
Sales restrictions on online marketplaces - A competition policy analysis using the case study of Adidas AG
Selective distribution systems using the case study of Adidas AG - A competition policy assessment
Bachelor theses
Physician behaviour in the area of conflict between medical code of conduct and financial incentives - A health economic analysis
The Daimler Chrysler merger - A competition policy perspective
On the spread and prevention of epidemics - A network analysis
Horizontal mergers: Theory and practice using the example of two Bundeskartellamt decisions
Corruption and reciprocity in the healthcare sector
Signalling and screening in labour markets - the experiments of Brandts and Holt and Kübler et. al.
The importance of cost-effectiveness analysis for the development of pharmaceuticals - a health economic analysis
Competition between statutory health insurers and its effects on social welfare - The example of Techniker Krankenkasse
On the economic effects of the leniency programme for cartel agreements - The beer brewing cartel
The merger of Thyssen AG and Fried. Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp: A competition policy analysis
The economic effects of the leniency programme using the example of the coffee roasting model


Master theses

On the Relation between Innovation and Competition: The Case of Energy Industry

Bachelor theses
On the efficiency and susceptibility to manipulation of allocation mechanisms - The Boston mechanism and potential for improvement
On the Privatisation of Public Hospitals - The Impact on Social Welfare and Quality of Care
On the effectiveness of accelerated sentencing - A criminal economic perspective
Ruinous Price Competition - The Case of the Napp Pharmaceutical Group from a Competition Policy Perspective
Efficiency of Matching Mechanisms - The Example of Assigning Students to Supervisors


Master thesis
Corruption and the Physician-Patient Relationship - The Influence of Reciprocity
Bachelor theses
On the interaction between terrorism and corruption - an economic perspective
On the economics of corruption - the influence of religion, education and migration
Infection risks in social networks - A health economic perspective
Displacement of intrinsic motivation by monetary incentives - A health economic perspective
On international trade between the EU and developing countries - The economic impact of tariffs and subsidies
An economic analysis of performance-related remuneration of GPs - The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) in the UK
Experimental evidence on peer pressure in organisations - An economic analysis
On the economic analysis of price fixing - The coffee roaster model from 2000 to 2008
Cartel agreements and the leniency programme - A competition policy analysis using the example of the coffee roaster model
Bachelor theses
Comparative Advertising in Europe and the USA - A Competition Policy Perspective
The Interaction of Corruption and Form of Government - An Economic Analysis Using the Example of Asia
An Economic Analysis of the Willingness to Corrupt - Positive and Negative Effects of Monetary Incentives
Comparative advertising - Economic effects and competition policy implications
Bonuses for chief physicians - On the optimal design of incentive systems in health care