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Prof Dr Matthias Trier

In research and teaching, we deal comprehensively with innovative technologies and digital social behaviour in the context of social media and digital cooperation. This includes the analysis of digital customer behaviour on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram or Reddit, the evolution of employee networking over time, e.g. with event-based dynamic network analysis, barriers and opportunities for the exchange of expertise in companies or new digital interaction possibilities in social VR. Join us on this journey and feel free to contact us

Yours, Prof Dr Matthias Trier

Prof. Trier investigates phenomena of electronic communication and social influence effects in online media within and outside the organisation using a mixed methods approach that combines quantitative, qualitative and network analytical methods. Example topics include the implementation/application of social media, online participation, the design of electronic discourses (e.g. from a management perspective), information transfer, dissemination processes or bottom-up community development in the context of knowledge management initiatives. A particular methodological focus is the development of an event-driven method for dynamic network analysis (see corresponding softwarewww.commetrix.net). It enables research into new structures and dynamic processes of human networking.



Stu­dentische Hil­f­skraft (SHK) oder Wis­senschaft­liche Hil­f­skraft mit Bach­el­or­ab­schluss (WHB) (w/m/d) ge­sucht. (Prof. Dr. Mat­thi­as Tri­er)

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An­mel­dung zum teil­nehmer­be­gren­zten Modul M.184.4328 Vir­tu­al Real­ity Ex­per­i­ments - In­terak­tion in der vir­tuel­len Or­gan­isa­tion

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An­mel­dung zum teil­nehmer­be­gren­zten Modul M.184.3312 Di­git­al Col­lab­or­a­tion - Platt­for­men in der Prax­is

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An­mel­dung teil­nehmer­be­gren­zte Mod­ule WS 2024/25

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Ment­oren­pro­gramm Mas­ter Winfo und MIS

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Our research

Conception and introduction of enterprise social media and innovative social computing applications in the company.

(SBM)User/consumer behaviour and digital sociality in social business and innovative digital business models.

(SMA)Metrics, visualisation and analysis of dynamic collective processes for management support in the SMM and ESM context (SMA dashboards, management approaches) (LAB-based)INNOVATIVE.

(ISC) Innovative social computing applications and their impact (LAB-based)STRATEGIC INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (SIM)Strategic information management in the innovation, collaboration and knowledge management context (Information Practices).

Our teaching

The use of social media & social computing is an important topic and plays a prominent and growing role in digitalised companies in terms of customer interaction or our own work processes! Now, for the first time, this field of research is also represented with a comprehensive range of courses on the Bachelor's degree programme in Business Informatics. This gives you a head start compared to many other universities and allows you to deal with the subject systematically, practically and in depth during your studies. In addition, there are many opportunities to gain important advantages for starting a career with us as a student and academic MA.

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Our tips and advice on writing your thesis at our department

Ment­or­ing pro­gramme for Mas­ter's stu­dents of Busi­ness In­form­at­ics and Man­age­ment In­form­a­tion Sys­tems

Dear students on the Master's programme,

Welcome to the Master's degree programme in Management Information Systems and Information Systems. Prof. Dr. Matthias Trier is Professor of Information Systems, in particular Social Computing, and is responsible for and coordinator of the mentoring programme of the degree course. Every student on this degree programme is assigned a professor of Information Systems as a personal mentor to support them in designing their course content. We wish you every success on your Master's programme.

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