Jun.-Prof. Re­gina Ort­mann, Ph.D.


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Ortmann, Regina (2015): Uncertainty in Weighting Formulary Apportionment Factors, Die Betriebswirtschaft, 75 (3), 161-177. [abstract]

Working Papers

Ortmann, Regina, Schindler, Dirk (2022): Income Shifting and Management Incentives, Working Paper [read only]
Ortmann, Regina, Simons, Dirk, Voeller, Dennis (2021): Real effects of an international tax reform for MNEs, arqus, Quantitative Research in TaxationDiscussion Paper No. 265www.arqus.info, und TAF Working Paper No. 62.
Warkulat, Sonja, Krull, Sebastian, Ortmann, Regina, Klocke Nina, Matthias Pelster (2021): COVID-19 Reporting and Willingness to Pay for Leisure Activities”, Working Paper in Covid Economics: Vetted and Real-Time Papers (Issue 83), https://cepr.org/system/files/publication-files/101435-covid_economics_issue_83.pdf.