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The chair of International Business analyses problems theoretically soundly and empirically and contributes to both basic research and entrepreneurial practice.

Beside the examination of the fundamentals of international management, the following focal points are investigated:

  • International Human Resource Management (especially internationally comparative HRM, based on the data of Cranet-project)
  • Internationalisation of medium-sized enterprises (especially learning mechanisms to acquire experience in foreign markets)
  • International forms of cooperation and market cultivation (especially international joint ventures)
  • International Entrepreneurship (especially internationalisation of technological startups)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (especially hive downs from the university)
  • Founding intentions and entrepreneurial behavior (especially in terms of gender differences)
  • Challenges of Management at the interface between efficiency, value-added and sustainability (e.g. HR Business Partners, Employer Branding, eHRM, Outsourcing, Downsizing, Interim-Management, transition to flexible working hours and flexible working contracts, demography, diversity, gender)
  • eGovernment and eParticipation
  • Empirical and evidence-based Management-Research

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