Our teaching

We offer courses in the fields of macroeconomics, environmental economics and financial economics and supervise Bachelor's and Master's theses on these topics. Further information on our courses and possible theses can be found below.

In the field of "Economics: International Economics", our chair offers the modules listed below. The respective module description can be found in the module handbook.

You must register for all modules online via PAUL during the module registration phases. The lecture notes and all announcements for the current course are made available via PANDA.

Teach­ing pro­gramme

Bach­el­or's de­gree

Module name Semester ECTS Language Lecturer
Assessment phase        
W1410 - Grundzüge der VWL - Makroökonomik SS 10 DEU Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries
Profiling phase        
W3412 - International Trade SS 10 ENG Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries
W3410 - Intermediate Macroeconomics SS (alternating, every 2nd year) 10/5 ENG Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries
Module name Semester ECTS Language Lecturer
W4411 - International Finance - Currencies and Exchange Rates WS 10 ENG Prof. Dr Thomas Gries
W4412 - Global Growth and Development SS 10 ENG Prof. Dr Thomas Gries
W4413 - Research and Independent Studies SS 10 ENG Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries
W4416 - Environmental Economics WS 10 ENG Prof. Dr Thomas Gries
W4418 - Quantitative Trade Policy Analysis SS 10 ENG Dr Rahel Aichele
W4419 - Recent Topics in International Trade WS 5 ENG Dr Rahel Aichele


Fi­nal theses

Module name Semester ECTS Language Lecturer
W1411 - Bachelor or Master Thesis in Economics WS 10/20 ENG Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries
W2411 - Bachelor's or Master's thesis in Economics SS 10/20 ENG Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries


Module name Semester ECTS Language Lecturer
W6411 - Dynamic Methods in Economics WS 5 ENG Prof. Dr. Thomas Gries
W6412 - International Workshop on Theoretical and Applied Economics WS 5 ENG Prof. Dr Thomas Gries

Fi­nal theses

You have the opportunity to write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us. In principle, you can choose your topic from a list of suggested topics. It is also possible to suggest your own suitable topic. In this case, the suitability of the topic must be checked on a case-by-case basis. According to the examination regulations, there is no entitlement to a topic of your choice.

The Chair of "Macro Theory & International Growth and Business Cycle Theory" takes part in the central registration procedure for Bachelor's and Master's theses at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. It takes about one to one and a half months to assign students to supervisors, after which you will be informed by email about acceptance and contact details. If you have any questions about this registration process, you can contact abschlussarbeiten[at]wiwi.upb[dot]de. Please note that communication takes place exclusively by e-mail. If you enter an incorrect address or do not retrieve your messages, any missed deadlines will be at your expense.

Information on the online application procedure can be found under this link.

In principle, any student at Paderborn University can apply for a thesis. However, you should have an interest in the topics and research areas of our department and ideally be able to document this in your previous course of study. It is not necessary to include an exposé or letter of motivation with your application.

Please check your respective examination regulations for the modalities for final theses.

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