The Chair of Production Management and Controlling addresses its research to selected questions of planning and management of inputs, throughputs and outputs of a production system.

In the context of sourcing the focus is on target-orientated planning of procurement logistics, whereby simultaneous optimisation of processes in transport and warehousing is strived for. Within the production, the focus of interest is on modelling of realistic problems of production management and logistics. Their solution is aimed at the basis of modern information and communication technologies. The relations between production management and customers and suppliers are analysed in several projects of supply chain management. On the one hand it is tried to complement supply chain management with the function of disposal, on the other hand familiar concepts of supply chain management are to transferred from industrial companies to service companies. Notwithstanding the above it will be examined in how far controlling concepts can be used for industrial and service companies equally effective and which fittings eventually need to be done. Finally, it will be discussed in how far business problems in production management and controlling can be solved closer to reality, if each relevant planning size is replaced with imprecise intervals known from the fuzzy-set-theory instead of the precise data.

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