At the Faculty of Business and Economics, the assignment of final theses - such as Bachelor's or Master's theses - is organised via a central web-based registration procedure. The aim is to ensure that the final theses due in a semester can be distributed evenly and adequately to the individual chairs in the participating departments in terms of supervision capacities. At the same time, the students' preferences regarding the main focus are taken into account.

This system does not replace the official examination registration, but initially serves to allocate theses within the participating departments and chairs. The assignment of students to their supervisors takes about one to one and a half months. After that, you will be informed by e-mail about acceptance and contacts.

Information on the online application procedure (process, required information and documents) can be found under this link.

If you have organisational questions about the central application procedure, you can contact If you have questions about the individual requirements of the chairs, please contact them directly.

Basically, every student of Paderborn University can apply for a thesis. However, in order to apply for a thesis, you should be interested in the topics and research areas of our chair and ideally be able to document this in your previous course of study. The aim of the final thesis is for the student to demonstrate that he or she can independently and responsibly penetrate a problem of a subject by applying scientific methods within a given period of time. Please check your respective examination regulations for the modalities for theses in individual cases.


Please note that the submission of an exposé on the desired thesis topic to the Chair of Organisational, Media and Sports Economics is obligatory .