Teach­ing by Dr Nadja Stroh-Ma­raun

Welcome to the homepage of the Mathematics for Economics team. Here you will learn the mathematical skills required to study economics. We teach not only the mathematical concepts but also their economic applications.

Below you will find general information about our current course programme. Please note that communication within the courses takes place exclusively via the Panda platform.


Offered courses

Som­mersemester 2024

W9120 Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaften II, Bachelor Assessmentphase, Deutsch, 5 ECTS

Dieses Modul wird in Deutsch unterrichtet. 

Tag Zeit Raum Dozent  
Montag 09.00-11.00/11.00-13.00 Audimax Dr. Nadja Stroh-Maraun  
Mittwoch 11.00-13.00/16.00-18.00 C 1 Dr. Nadja Stroh-Maraun, Sarah Kühn, Alexander Koch  

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Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaften II (W9120) - Kursbeschreibung

Module name Semester ECTS Language Person responsible
W9110 - Mathematics for Economics I WS 5 DEU Dr. Nadja Stroh-Maraun
W9120 - Mathematics for Economics II SS 5 DEU Dr Nadja Stroh-Maraun
Module name Semester ECTS Language Person responsible

Final theses

Dr Nadja Stroh-Maraun is the possible supervisor for your Bachelor's or Master's thesis. The Department of Economics participates in the centralised allocation procedure of the faculty and you can add me to your preference list. We have put together a few details about your thesis below. We look forward to reading from you.


General Information for Seminars and Presentations

Since the winter semester 2012/2013, the Chair of Microeconomics has been participating in the central assignment of theses at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. The assignment to a supervisor will take approx. 1 - 1 ½ months. You will then be informed by e-mail about your acceptance and your contact person. If you have any further questions, please send an email to abschlussarbeiten[at]wiwi.upb.de.

In order to write a thesis with Dr Stroh-Maraun, you must be enrolled as a student at Paderborn University. In addition to a recent confirmation of grades, the application should also include a letter of motivation in which your interest in writing a thesis at Dr. Stroh-Maraun is made clear.

Please also check your examination regulations regarding further regulations for theses.

The allocation process at our faculty is a round-based, decentralised mechanism. First, the information and preferences of the students are collected. Then a quota is calculated as to how many theses each chair will supervise, based on the number of students and the size of the chair. In the first round, each chair selects students who have indicated this chair as their first choice. They do this until either their quota is met or until there are no more students in this group. If the chair still has free capacity after the first round, in the second round it selects the preferred students from the unallocated students who have indicated the chair as their second choice. This may be followed by a third round. All students who have not yet been allocated after these three rounds will be allocated to the chairs with free capacity in a final round. For more information, you can find the link to our research article on this topic here.

If you have been allocated to our chair, we will now work with you to find a topic that is customised for you and takes your wishes and preferences into account. We will use a questionnaire to do this, but we will also talk to you several times. Of course, you are very welcome to contribute your own ideas to this process. But it is also fine if you do not yet have a precise idea. We are sure that together we will find the right topic for you. By the way, most of our assigned topics are based on a specific research article as a starting point.

The online application period for theses in the summer semester 2024 runs from 22 January - 02 February 2024 (23:59).

Thesis Templates

Instructions for using the La TeX template (German)

LaTeX-Template (German)

Microsoft Word template (German)


Presentation Templates

LaTeX-Beamer-Template (English)
including a short introduction into LaTeX Beamer

Corporate Design Templates for Presentations (English)