The modules listed below are offered by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Milad Mirbabaie. Detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the respective module. For the complete module handbook of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, please click here.

The Individual Study and Research of the program Management Information Systems (MIS) can be arranged freely with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mirbabaie. Simply contact us by mail to arrange a first meeting.


Course Type Term ECTS Language
M.184.3371 Studienarbeit Digital Society Study paper SoSe 5 GER
M.184.3372 Digital Work Seminar WiSe 5 ENG
Course Type Term ECTS Language
M.184.5321 Seminar Digital Society & Digital Work Seminar SoSe 10 ENG
M.184.5322 Projektseminar Digital Work and AI-based Systems Seminar WiSe 10 ENG