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Recent publications – Recommendations for managing AI-driven change processes: When expectations meet reality

 |  Forschung - Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often perceived as a disruptive technology that leads to uncertainties among employees and, eventually, fears of job loss arise. While many organisations have moved beyond the planning phase, it is crucial to shed light on the perception of AI to manage the employees’ attitudes towards it and to counteract possible resistance behaviour. To examine the perception of AI, Professor Mirbabaie and his colleagues conducted interviews with affected employees from an industry case. In this work, they present lessons learned from that industry case, evaluate the results with managers across industries, and emphasise how misguided expectations regarding AI lead to a different perception of the technology compared to other IT.

Stieglitz, S., Möllmann, N. R., Mirbabaie, M., Hofeditz, L., & Ross, B. (2021). Recommendations for Managing AI-Driven Change Processes: When Expectations Meet Reality. International Journal of Management Practice.