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Re­cent pub­lic­a­tions – Friend or Foe? Con­ver­sa­tion­al agents in the di­git­al work­place and their ef­fect on user­s’ stress

 |  Forschung - Research

Conversational agents ought to ease different facets of a user’s daily work life, function as stress relief, and in the long run, transform the digital workplace. Through enhanced persuasiveness, conversational agents can increase the user’s confidence in their abilities and create a less stressful work environment. However, applying conversational agents in the digital workplace might also have the opposite effect as negative consequences of utilising conversational agents include, for example, feeling observed and judged by another person. That is why, in this research paper, Professor Mirbabaie and his colleagues examined how using conversational agents in the workplace affects the users’ stress. Thus, they want to utilise EEG, ECG, and eye-tracking to resolve opposing predictions and mitigate the potential negative consequences of using conversational agents in the workplace.

Greulich, S. R., Wekenborg, M., Lichtenberg, S., Brendel, A. B. & Mirbabaie, M. (2023). Friend or Foe? Conversational agents in the digital workplace and their effect on users’ stress. Information Systems and Neuroscience.