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Re­cent pub­lic­a­tions – Di­git­al Re­spons­ib­il­ity

 |  Forschung - Research

While proliferating digital technologies provides new opportunities, it also comes with risks as technological development outpaces the corresponding regulatory changes. But, to avoid negative implications, information systems (IS) researchers must first understand the consequences of the digital transformation process to then contribute to its design. In this context, digital responsibility (DR) has the potential to mark a second wave of a digital transformation process that recognises possible unintended long-term consequences or indirect stakeholders. Therefore, the professors of the information systems department of Paderborn University introduce eight principles of DR that they have derived from the contributions of practitioners and academics to the emerging DR discourse. In this paper, they show how IS research fields discuss these principles, provide an overview of existing contributions to attain DR in the IS discipline and discuss the role of responsibility at the individual, corporate and societal levels. Through explicating the DR principles and integrating them into one framework, the information systems department aims to help future research to study the implications of digitalisation more systematically, thus, paving the way towards a more reflected and responsible second stage of digital transformation.

Trier, M., Kundisch, D., Beverungen, D., Müller, O., Schryen, G., Mirbabaie, M. & Trang, S. (2023). Digital Responsibility. Bus Inf Syst Eng.