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Re­cent Pub­lic­a­tions – Di­git­al Nudge Stack­ing and Back­fir­ing: Un­der­stand­ing Sus­tain­able E-Com­merce Pur­chase De­cisions

 |  Forschung - Research

The rise of ‘fast fashion’ is a significant contributor to the acceleration of climate change. Albeit more sustainable purchase decisions are possible within the fashion e-commerce context, it raises the question of how to steer consumers towards them. One emerging approach to this question is digital nudging, which Professor Mirbabaie and his colleagues explore in this paper. For their study, they conducted a between-subject online experiment (n=320) and ten qualitative interviews to understand consumers’ decision processes in depth and to analyse the effectiveness of digital nudging strategies. This study contributes to IS research by explaining differences in the effectiveness of different nudging strategies, providing empirical evidence of a backfire effect resulting from combining digital nudging strategies (i.e., digital nudge stacking), and underscoring the leverage that individual factors have on purchase decisions and the effectiveness of nudges.

Mirbabaie, M., Marx, J. & Erle, L. (2023). Digital Nudge Stacking and Backfiring: Understanding Sustainable E-Commerce Purchase Decisions. Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems.