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Re­cent pro­jects – CYL­ENCE

 |  Forschung - Research

Enhanced communication technologies offer wide-ranging opportunities and benefits but create a world where silence is becoming increasingly rare. In a new research project CYLENCE, Professor Mirbabaie and his colleagues from the TU Darmstadt, the University of Potsdam, and Virtimo AG focus on developing strategies and tools to report, detect and treat cyberbullying and hateful messages to improve its early detection. The project includes an interactive tutorial to facilitate adopting the new tools that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and visual analytics (VA) and a strategy to improve communication between citizens, affected persons, and authorities. Here, the chair of information systems, especially Digital Society (DISCIETY), focuses on developing, designing, and evaluating strategic and technological approaches to the early detection of online harassment. That includes (1) a market analysis, (2) data collection in compliance with data protection guidelines, (3) collating the findings, (4) creating a training strategy for the organisational handling of online harassment, (5) scientifically processing and utilising the results to benefit society, and (6) analysing potential risks of using AI to detect online harassment to prevent the harmful deployment.

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