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Re­cent pro­jects - Ana­lys­ing So­cial Me­dia Use dur­ing Nat­ur­al Haz­ards: Im­prov­ing Crisis Com­mu­nic­a­tion

 |  Forschung - Research

Climate change increasingly affects countries around the globe, and urgency rises as natural disasters increase in frequency and severity. Therefore, crisis communication is crucial to provide the general public with information and recommendations to protect their safety. Besides traditional channels, social media is an increasingly popular tool for disseminating such information. Thus, in this project, Professor Mirbabaie, Jonas Rieskamp and their colleagues from Charles Darwin University address the need for efficient and targeted information dissemination in situations that pose a risk to the general public by drawing upon expertise from both Australian and German experience and scientists. For this, Paderborn University and Charles Darwin University undertake a program of scientific exchange on crisis communication in social media to help junior scientists learn how to conduct international and scientific collaboration and gain collective expertise on social media crisis communication during natural hazards for future joint research.

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