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Re­cent pu­bli­ca­ti­ons.

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Professor Milad Mirbabaie's recent publication deals with the usage of Clickbait to make people click on a linked article that is commonly used on social media. Therefore they analyzed the impact of clickbait on user interaction on Facebook in the form of liking, sharing and commenting. Together with his co-authors he revealed that certain features (e.g., unusual punctuation and common clickbait phrases) increase user interaction, whereas others decrease engagement with Facebook posts. The results will be used to discuss the possible role of digital nudging in the context of clickbait. They contribute to understanding and using the effect of different framings in social media.

Jung, A-K, Stieglitz, S., Kroll, T., Mirbabaie, M., & Kissmer, T. (2022). Click Me…! The Influence of Clickbait on User Engagement in Social Media and the Role of Digital Nudging [Data set]. In PLOS One