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About the Forum

The International Forum Economics and Management (IFEM) aims to provide a platform for communication between international students and German students about diverse topics. Through social activities and interesting discussions students get in touch with other cultures and have the possibility to talk about various customs, languages and economic research in different countries. Under the heading “Internationalization at home” German students obtain the opportunity to meet international students and the latter to get deeper insight into the German life. For successful participation confirmation certificates will be handed out.

Are you interested in the International Forum? Join our events!

OR write us an E-mail to become a member of our Panda Group and to follow updated information: ifem(at)campus.uni-paderborn(dot)de

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Schedule of Activities

Schedule Summer Semester 2019 - International Forum Economics and Management

Date Name Meeting place Time
April,4 Welcome Meeting Q3.245, UPb 13:00-14:00                    
April,12   Irish Pub The Auld Triangle (Kasseler
Mauer 11, Paderborn)
April,14   Heinz Nixdorf Museum  Heinz Nixdorf Museum (Fürstenallee 7, Paderborn) 15:00
April,26   Kegeln Königskeller (Marienstraße 26, Paderborn) 19:30
May,3 Guest Speaker (Japan) Q4.245, UPb 13:00-14:00     
May,15     Cooking Night (Ramadan) Q4.245, UPb 19:00
May,18 Jobmesse, Münster Paderborn Hbf 12:05 
May,25 Workshop Q4.245, UPb 9:30-13:30
May,29 Game Night  Q4.201 18:00
June,5 Guest Speaker (India) Q3.245, UPb 13:00-14:00 
June,6 ASTA Festival  UPb, Q building 19:00
June,15   Picnic at the Lippesee UPb, Q building 11:00
June,19   Pub Night Globetrotter (Heiersstraße 17, Paderborn) 19:00
June,26 Company visit (Volkswagen) Paderborn Hbf 10:00
July,4 Goodbye Evening (BBQ)    

Additional Activities:

  • Trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Intercultural Seminars
  • ...


Join IFEM and become a member of its Panda Group by sending us an E-mail: ifem(at)campus.uni-paderborn(dot)de

Previous Activities

Students of the International Forum as well as other exchange students enjoyed a great evening at the Allerheiligenkirmes in Soest. We experienced more or less scary fairground rides, popcorn, Bratwurst, fireworks and much more.
The students of the International Forum Economics and Management realized that the meeting with Prof. Dr. Gremler presented a unique chance. The chance to discover the person behind the academic career and the chance to ask questions relating one’s own career aspirations. In addition, the students learned that one advice can change your life.
The students of the International Forum Economics and Management had a great night with exotic food, discussions about national traditions and just enjoying the truely international setting.
The students of the International Forum of Economics and Management received input about the importance of trade in a developing country. Prof. Nam explained not only the benefits but also the dangers of, for example, foreign direct investments in developing countries.
What is it like to be a European business manager in Japan? Mr. Komender - a trutly international manager - talked with the students about his professional as well as personal experiences in Japan.

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