English for students of economics and management sciences

The English modules have been customized to meet the different needs of Bachelor, Masters and PhD students in the field of economics and management sciences. Specifically we offer basic and advanced courses in Business English and Academic Writing. There are also a number of compact modules in topics as varied as presenting and grammar. New ideas for courses/seminars are always welcome. Please contact john.riach@wiwi.uni-paderborn.de

English courses are an addition to the regular course programm of the faculty of Business Administration and Economics.  Therefore, they cannot be credited as regular modules in the study programm. However, the modules can appear on the Transcript of Records under the section of  Additional Modules ("Zusatzmodule") with their ECTS-points and grades. They do not count into the overall grades and ECTS-points of your degree. If you have additional questions concerning this, please contact the Studienbüro.

An English Course? Something to think about after your Asessment Phase. 

Courses which help you to prepare for the next steps, both in the academic and business worlds 

Courses and options for incoming students of economics and management sciences

Customized courses which meet your needs in the areas of conference presentations and academic writing

Why is English critical for students of economics and management sciences?

How can I get a certificate for studying abroad?

Das Zentrum für Sprachlehre (ZfS) der Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften ist die zentrale Anlaufstelle für alle sprachinteressierten Studierenden und Mitarbeiter der Universität Paderborn.