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Tohoku University Japanese Program 2019 (TUJP2019)


Tohoku University Japanese Program 2019 (TUJP2019)

is a program for undergraduates who desire to learn Japanese language and culture. For information of the program, please check out our website and the leaflet (TUJP Leaflet 2019) below, which is also on the website.

This summer intensive program provides students with an opportunity to discover Japan through diverse learning experiences in English. The program offers intensive Japanese language classes for both beginners and pre-intermediate learners, topical seminars about Japanese culture and society, various cultural workshops, and field trips including a homestay experience.

It is a great opportunity to get to know Japan and its people!

Interested Students, please contact the Office for International Affairs of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Application deadline is 1 May 2019!

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