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Course Program

The summer school is focusing on Information Technology (IT) and its increasing impact on modern societies. The effect of Information Technology as well as its management will be analyzed under different perspectives. These perspectives are reflected in three key lecture series: “IT Management”, “The IT Sector and Its Institutional Framework”, and “IT and the Macroeconomy”. The different views taken in the lectures will be merged in an accompanied project. Excursions to selected IT companies and the world largest computer museum will put the theoretical content of the lectures into a practical context.

IT Management

This lecture series focuses on the role of IT inside companies, on major challenges and opportunities in applying IT in business models, communication, and operations management. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Information Systems in Global Business Today
  • Global E-Business and Collaboration
  • Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy
  • E-Commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods
  • Enhancing Decision Making

The IT Sector and Its Institutional Framework

This lecture series focuses on the industries that specialized in the provision of IT products and services. It discusses how country-specific institutions influence the competitiveness of companies in the IT sector. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Industries of the IT sector
  • Major companies across the globe
  • Nature of the innovation process in the sector
  • Country-specific sources of competitive advantage
  • Measurement issues (innovativeness, comparative advantage)

IT and the Macroeconomy

This lecture series focuses on the macroeconomic and international effects of Information Technology, in particular its effects on growth, employment, and the international competitiveness of the European Union (EU). Topics that will be discussed include:

  • Information Technology as a driver of growth
  • Employment effects of Information Technologies
  • IT and its effect on international trade and the competitiveness of countries and regions
  • The spatial distribution of IT and high tech industries in Europe
  • The European Union’s Digital Agenda for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth

Writing and Presenting

The presentation units aim to enhance your ability to present more effectively in English. The course focuses on the language of presenting, presentation delivery skills and questions related to the creation of the presentation you will be giving at the end of the summer school session. We will also look briefly at intercultural issues related to presentations. Using a minimum of input the sessions will provide you with plenty of opportunity to practice and develop your skills, as well as offering you the chance to have your questions answered.

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