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When making decisions firms, clubs, public institutions and other organizations often lose out on valuable insights because people at these organizations do not dare to speak up. Even if people speak up, their insights are often not taken into account. There is hence enormous potential in establishing a culture in which people are curious and willing to learn from each other. This is why some large companies (Sandoz, ING DIBa) are now trying to ‘unboss’ and get away from being a hierarchical command and control organization. But is that possible?
In this course, we want to explore how ‘unbossing’ might work. Drawing on our own experiences, we will try to establish a productive environment inwhich decisions are made jointly by all participants and not top-down, i.e.,  by the professor. The aim is to find out whether and when ‘unbossing’ may work.


Name: Unbossing - a reflective journey (W4180)
Teacher: Prof. Dr. Wendelin Schnedler
Contact person: Jessica Linneweber
Level of study:  Master
Course language: English
Term: Summer term
Organization:   Lectures  
Link to PAUL: Link
Material: PANDA
Link to the Course Catalog: Link

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