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Competitive Equilibria in Shapley-Scarf Markets with Coalitional Trade (joint with Jean Lainé)

On 22nd October 2018 (1-2pm) Fatma Aslan, research assistant at Istanbul Bilgi University, will give a presentation about “Competitive Equilibria in Shapley-Scarf Markets with Coalitional Trade” in Q4.245. Afterwards, Ms. Aslan will be available for questions and discussions. Her presentation is part of:

Abstract: We investigate the existence and Core stability properties of several types of competitive equilibria in markets for pure indivisibles where trades are organized between groups of agents. Equilibrium concepts are defined according to the type of cooperation prevailing within coalitions. We show that existence crucially depends on the definition of group budget sets, where individual incomes may or not be merged into group incomes.

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