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Positional Preferences and Narcissistic Rivalry

On 9th October 2017 (1-2pm) Omar Adam Ayaita, Doctoral Candidate at LEAD Graduate School & Research Network at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, will give a presentation about “Positional Preferences and Narcissistic Rivalry" in Q4.245. Afterwards, Mr. Ayaita will be available for questions and discussions. His presentation is part of


Various findings from surveys and experiments indicate that the relative rank or position in comparison to others is important for many individuals (positional preferences). However, it has largely been unclear why and how people differ in their positional preferences. The present study investigates positional preferences with a series of mini-dictator games, considering different facets of positional preferences (inferiority aversion and superiority seeking) and distinguishing positional preferences from other behavioral motives (equity seeking, efficiency seeking, and pure self-interest). The association between the personality trait narcissistic rivalry and positional choices is analyzed, holding other personal factors constant. Narcissistic rivalry is significantly positively related to positional choices and explains both inferiority aversion and superiority seeking. As these choices are associated with lower efficiency and partly even with own costs for the decision maker, our study highlights important problems that can be associated with narcissism.


The University for the Information Society