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Eigenvalue Productivity: Measurement of Individual Contributions in Teams

On 06th February 2017 (1-2pm) Thorsten Upmann, Visiting Researcher at the Department of Economics at Bielefeld University, will give a presentation about “Eigenvalue Productivity: Measurement of Individual Contributions in Teams" in Q4.245. Afterwards, Mr. Upmann will be available for questions and discussions. His presentation is part of


While the output of a team is evident, the productivity of each team member is typically not readily identifiable. In this paper we consider the problem of measuring the productivity of team members. We propose a new concept of coworker productivity which we refer to as eigenvalue productivity (EVP). We demonstrate the existence and uniqueness of our concept and show that it possesses several desirable properties. Also, we suggest two possible procedures to specify the required productivity matrix of a team, and illustrate the operational practicability of EVP by means of two examples representing different types of available data.

The University for the Information Society